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Appendix 2: Extract from information pack for applicants August 2014


The recently enacted Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014 is designed to give the public more confidence in the way third parties interact with the political system.

Part one of the Act establishes a statutory register of consultant lobbyists on which those who lobby on behalf of a third party will be required to disclose the names of their clients and to declare whether or not they subscribe to a relevant code of conduct.

The register will complement the Government's transparency initiatives - which include the proactive and quarterly publication of details of ministers and permanent secretaries' meetings with external organisations - and the industry's existing self-regulatory regime. It will address the specific problem that it is not always clear whose interests are being represented by consultant lobbyists and will enhance transparency and help to drive up standards by enhancing scrutiny of the ethical principles to which lobbyists subscribe.

The office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists will be established as an independent, statutory office with responsibility for keeping and publishing that register. The Registrar will have a duty to monitor compliance with the requirement to register and a power to undertake enforcement action in instances of non-compliance. He or she will be expected to develop and publish detailed guidance to industry on its duties under the Act.


This role will involve:

·  establishing and managing the UK register of consultant lobbyists;

·  developing and publishing detailed guidance to industry on their duties under the Act;

·  monitoring and enforcing the industry's compliance with the Act's legal requirements; and

·  publishing an annual statement of accounts.

This is a high profile and sensitive role and the successful candidate must be able to command the respect of the public, Parliament, the industry and other stakeholders.

Candidate profile

Skills/experience required

The successful candidate will need to demonstrate the following competencies:

·  an ability to engage with and understand the workings and regulation of the private sector and industry;

·  an understanding of, and commitment to, the need to maintain the highest standards of public life in line with the seven principles of public life;

·  strong leadership and interpersonal skills, with an ability to command respect and establish credibility with the consultant lobbying industry, Government, Parliament and the public;

·  an ability to operate effectively and comfortably in the media spotlight as the public face of the office of the Registrar; and

·  strong communication skills and a personal style that demonstrates authority and inspires trust and confidence.


You will be ineligible for appointment if, at any time in the last five years, you have:

a)  been a Minister of the Crown or a permanent secretary; or

b)  carried on the business of consultant lobbying or you were an employee of a person who carried on that business.

Applicants should also consider whether any other roles they hold might present a conflict of interest.

In accordance with the Commissioner for Public Appointments' Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies, all applicants are asked to complete a declaration about any political activity in the past five years. The question only asks for information that is already in the public domain; it does not ask for personal or private information such as membership of political parties or voting preferences.

Details of the appointment

Remuneration and allowances

The Registrar will receive a daily allowance of £420 per day.

The Registrar can claim reimbursement for reasonable travel and subsistence costs necessarily incurred on Registrar business at rates set centrally by the Cabinet Office.

Remuneration is taxable under Schedule E and subject to Class I National Insurance contributions. It is not pensionable. Further detail on this will be given to successful candidates.

Appointment and tenure of office

The Registrar is appointed by the Minister for a term of no more than four years with the possibility of reappointment.

Appointment to the role of Registrar will be subject to pre-appointment scrutiny by the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, and the successful candidate will be expected to appear in public before the committee, prior to confirmation of appointment.

Further information about resignation and termination of appointment will be provided to the successful applicant on appointment.

It should be noted that this post is a public appointment, not a job. Such appointments are not normally subject to the provisions of employment law.

The Government's aim is to establish the register in good time before the next election. Successful candidates will therefore be encouraged to take up the position as quickly as possible.

Time commitment

This is a part-time appointment. The Registrar is expected to commit to around 30-50 days for the first year (mostly in the earlier part of the first year) with a lower daily commitment in subsequent years.

The office of the Registrar will be located in Westminster.

Diversity and equality of opportunity

The appointment will be governed by the principles of public appointments based on merit, after an open and fair process. The Cabinet Office is committed to providing equal opportunities for all, irrespective of race, age, disability, gender, marital status, religion, sexual orientation and transgender. We recognise flexible working practices.

Standards in public life

You will be expected to demonstrate high standards of corporate and personal conduct. Candidates will be expected to abide by the "Seven Principles of Public Life" set out by the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

The successful candidate will need to declare any conflicts of interests that arise in the course of the Registrar's business.


You will be ineligible for appointment if, at any time in the last five years, you have:

a.  been a Minister of the Crown or a permanent secretary; or

b.  carried on the business of consultant lobbying or you were an employee of a person who carried on that business.

Termination of appointments

Appointments may be terminated prior to the conclusion of the period of appointment if the Minister is satisfied that the Registrar is unable, unwilling or unfit to perform the functions of the office.

Security clearance

The Registrar is required to have or to be willing to undergo baseline security clearance.

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