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Ancillary paper: Case Studies on Constitution Building

Ancillary to Part III, twenty-three case studies on issues of process relating to constitution building, and precedents from earlier experiences in the United Kingdom and in other countries, have been prepared to which reference is made in what follows for more detailed analysis. The subjects dealt with by the case studies are as follows:

A  The Existing Process of Constitutional Reform        

B  The Use of Royal Commissions on Constitutional Affairs      

C  The Role and Working of the Law Commission

D  The Making of the Devolved Scottish Constitution       

  (Unofficial Constitutional Convention)

E  The Welsh Assembly Powers and Electoral Arrangements     

  (Independent Commission)

F  A Northern Ireland Bill of Rights            

  (Human Rights Commission)  

G  The Australian Republican Proposal          

  (Constitutional Commission and Referendum)

H  The Australian Proposal for a Human Rights Code       

  (National Human Rights Consultation Committee)

I  New Zealand's Electoral Reform Process          

  (Royal Commission & referendum)

J  Belgium's Constitutional Revision     

K  The Making of the Spanish Constitution 1978          ('Fathers of the Constitution')

L  Germany's Post-Unification Constitutional Revisions        (Joint Parliamentary Committee)

M  Constitution-building in the canton of Geneva          (Elected Assembly and popular engagement)

N  The Adoption of the Swiss Federal Constitution 1999      

O  Iceland: Crowd-Sourcing a Constitution           

  (Elected Council and Popular Engagement)

P  Post-apartheid Constitutional Reform in South Africa        (Negotiating Council and Technical Committee)

Q  Ireland's Constitutional Convention, 2012-14        

R  Referendums and the Constitution          

S  Comparative Constitutional Bills of Rights          

T  Public Opinion and Codifying the Constitution        

U  Constitutional Codification and Deliberative Voting      

V  Conservatism and the Constitution            

W  The Left and the Constitution    

Case studies can be found at www.parliament.uk/pcrc-constitution

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