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Annex 1: Meeting with youth groups

On 1 December 2014 the Committee hosted an informal roundtable discussion with representatives of several groups that focus on engaging young people. There were representatives from the following groups:

·  Bite the Ballot

·  British Youth Council

·  Catch 22

·  Involver

·  NUS

·  UpRising

·  Youth Debates

Points raised during the discussion included:

·  That registering to vote needed to be easy at the point of contact;

·  There should be better coordination between Electoral Registration Officers and educational institutions;

·  Needing to have a National Insurance number to register was a barrier;

·  More could be done to register people in school and tying this in with citizenship education;

·  With citizenship education, need to link voting with issues to make people want to register to vote and turn out;

·  Experience of local democratic experience will have a positive impact on people's engagement with politics;

·  Extending the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds could make engaging with young people on politics more effective;

·  Online voting and holding elections at the weekend could increase turnout by young people.

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