Voter engagement in the UK: follow up - Political and Constitutional Reform Contents

Annex 3: Discussion on social media

Throughout the period we were consulting on our interim Report on voter engagement, we encouraged members of the public to comment on social media using #VoterReform. This included a Twitter chat hosted by Graham Allen MP on Wednesday 17 December, which is available in full on Storify. Some of the statements posted on social media were:

·  Have voter campaigns for older people in residential care

·  Young people are losing out because they don't vote

·  We should move from the First Past the Post electoral system to Proportional Representation

·  People should be able to register to vote on Election Day

·  Not since 1997 has a British MP been elected with votes of a majority of their electorate

·  If you want change in parliament, encourage it by demanding a NOTA option on the ballots

·  Hold elections on a weekend or make it a public holiday

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