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Annex 4: Survey results

Below are the consolidated results from the various surveys that members of the public have responded to as part of our consultation on voter engagement. In addition to the Committee's own survey, for which the full data set has been published on our website,[267] the data below is taken from surveys that were hosted by Bite the Ballot, Unlock Democracy and 38 Degrees.

The exact questions asked in each survey were not identical, but were sufficiently similar to allow the consolidation of responses, as below. The text of the questions asked in each survey and the response data are set out in the written evidence from each organisation.[268]

The results for the first seven questions are based on data from all four surveys, and the results for the final three questions are based on the data from the Committee's survey and 38 Degrees' survey, the other two organisations not having asked comparable questions.

Survey results
Total responses YesNo Don't know
1. Should 16 and 17 year olds be able to vote in elections? 161426484 82281430
40.2% 51.0%8.9%
2. Should voters be able to cast their vote online? 160959259 51821654
57.5% 32.2%10.3%
3. Should registering to vote be a legal obligation? 1609510532 43011262
65.4% 26.7%7.8%
4. Should voting be a legal obligation? 160407342 73611337
45.8% 45.9%8.3%
5. Should "None of the above" be an option on the ballot paper? 1584011379 32721189
71.8% 20.7%7.5%
6. Should voters be able to register to vote right up to and on Election Day? 160616978 67602323
43.4% 42.1%14.5%
7. Should local authorities be able to conduct elections on an all postal basis? 160434235 86243184
26.4% 53.8%19.8%
8. Should elections be held at the weekend? 134586662 30803716
49.5% 22.9%27.6%
9. Should Election Day be a public holiday? 134803957 78361687
29.4% 58.1%12.5%
10. Should voting take place over an extended period of time instead of on one day? 134833935 78411707
29.2% 58.2%12.7%

267   The full dataset is available on the Committee's website here: PCRC survey results Back

268   Written evidence from Unlock Democracy [PVE 111], Bite the Ballot [PVE 115] and 38 Degrees [PVE 126] Back

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