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Annex 5: Hansard Society question on encouraging participation in future elections

As part of the Hansard Society's regular Audit of Political Engagement, members of the public were asked which changes they would support to encourage more people to participate in future elections. The responses to this question are show below.
Which of the following changes would you support to encourage more people to participate in future elections?

Please select your top three

Online voting 45
Compulsory voting 26
Making Election Day a public holiday 25
A right to register to vote up to and including Election Day 24
Votes at 16 17
Compulsory voting but with abstention / 'none of the above' option on the ballot paper 14
None 12
An all-postal vote election 11
Don't know 9
Other 2

GfK NOP interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,123 adults aged 18+ in Great Britain, face to face in respondents' homes, between 20th November and 5 December 2014. In order to make comparisons between the white and BME populations and between England, Scotland and Wales more statistically reliable, booster interviews were conducted.

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