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HMRC administers the tax system and is responsible for putting tax rules into practice. Since 2010, HMRC's primary focus has been to increase the collection of tax revenues, while at the same time reducing the costs of collecting tax and providing a better service to customers. HMRC interacts with over 45 million people and almost 5 million businesses and collects around £500 billion of tax each year. It is important that people have confidence in the way that HMRC works and that it administers the tax system fairly while promoting a culture of compliance. This report draws out some of the major issues we have identified regarding the administration of the tax system and recommends further actions to address the areas of our greatest concern. We also annex to this report an account of the international conference on taxation we held in October 2014, which helped to reinforce and clarify our conclusions on these issues during the final session of the Parliament.

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Prepared 26 March 2015