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Annex: UK Five Year Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy 2013-2018: outline of the responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical Industry

5.6 Industry has a corporate and social responsibility to contribute to work to tackle AMR by finding ways of extending the life of antibiotics, making the supply of effective antibiotics sustainable, facilitating society in being better custodians of these valuable resources and using them optimally both now and the future.

5.7 Pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and diagnostics manufacturers and trade associations need to stimulate the development of new antibiotics, rapid diagnostics and novel therapies by:

·  improving collaborative working to ensure excellent science is developed and has a clear route for translation,

·  developing a European product development partnership scheme for antimicrobial drugs,

·  developing new treatments for all infections, particularly bacterial, from rigorous identification of new targets through to new paradigms for treatment,

·  utilising the 'Innovative Medicines Initiative' (IMI), which may facilitate stimulating the development of new antibiotics, rapid diagnostics and novel therapies,

·  developing new vaccines targeted at multi-resistant organisms,

·  increasing involvement in genomic diagnostics and the improvement of companion diagnostics for drug development in this field.

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