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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee's inquiry web page at numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1  Advice York (SAN0108)

2  Andrea Carey Fuller (SAN0105)

3  Andrew Smith (SAN0116)

4  Andrew Stevens (SAN0046)

5  Anne Dube (SAN0057)

6  Bernice June Gaze (SAN0075)

7  Boycott Workfare (SAN0087)

8  Brent Citizens Advice Bureau (SAN0120)

9  Camden Citizens Advice Bureaux Service (SAN0040)

10  Caritas Social Action Network (SAN0091)

11  Carole Blaire (SAN0070)

12  Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre (SAN0086)

13  Catherine Hale (SAN0061)

14  Centre For Economic and Social Inclusion (SAN0143)

15  Chesterfield Citizens Advice Bureau (SAN0092)

16  Child Poverty Action Group (SAN0152)

17  Children in Scotland (SAN0148)

18  Church Action on Poverty (SAN0080)

19  Citizens Advice Scotland (SAN0096)

20  Clive Durdle (SAN0001)

21  Community Housing Cymru Group (SAN0093)

22  Communitylinks (SAN0102)

23  Crisis (SAN0122)

24  Department for Work and Pensions (SAN0142, SAN0157 & SAN0163)

25  Derbyshire County Council (SAN0111)

26  Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centres (SAN0017)

27  Disability Rights UK (SAN0099)

28  Dr David Webster (SAN0110)

29  Dr Kayleigh Garthwaite and Professor Clare Bambra, Durham University (SAN0011)

30  Drugscope and Homeless Link (SAN0100)

31  Employment Related Services Association (SAN0145)

32  Enable Scotland (SAN0081)

33  Epilepsy Society (SAN0058)

34  Equity (SAN0103)

35  Falkirk Council (SAN0101)

36  Francis Corrigan (SAN0133)

37  Gary Thompson (SAN0048)

38  Gill Thompson (SAN0047)

39  Gingerbread (SAN0115)

40  Gipton Supported Independent Living (SAN0013)

41  Glasgow Community Justice Authority (SAN0085)

42  Glenn Mcdougall (SAN0029)

43  Ian Wright (SAN0007)

44  Joan Grant (SAN0134)

45  John Longden (SAN0012)

46  Keep Volunteering Voluntary (SAN0131)

47  Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group (SAN0095)

48  Kirklees Financial Inclusion Steering Group (SAN0065)

49  Mark Sage, Assistant Tackling Poverty Co-ordinator at Portsmouth City Council (SAN0149)

50  Mark Waters (SAN0028)

51  Mencap (SAN0037)

52  Methodist Action North West (SAN0139)

53  Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church (SAN0158)

54  Mind (SAN0106)

55  Mr Jerry Lonsdale (SAN0125)

56  Mr K G Robertson-Turner (SAN0056)

57  New Policy Institute (SAN0156)

58  Newcastle upon Tyne Citizens Advice Bureau (SAN0072)

59  North Staffordshire Advice Partnership (SAN0119)

60  Nottingham City Council, Advice Nottingham, Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service and the Diocese of Nottingham and Southwell (SAN0064)

61  One Parent Families Scotland (SAN0146)

62  Oxfam (SAN0088)

63  Oxfordshire Welfare Rights (SAN0010)

64  Partnership response from Newcastle upon Tyne (Coordinated By Newcastle City Council) (SAN0079)

65  Pat's Petition and Carerwatch (SAN0008)

66  Peabody (SAN0006)

67  Peter Milnes (SAN0084)

68  Philip Batley (SAN0160)

69  Portsmouth Citizens Advice Bureau (SAN0083)

70  Preston Learning Disabilities Forum (SAN0094)

71  Public and Commercial Services Union (SAN0109, SAN0161 & SAN0164)

72  Rights Advice Scotland (SAN0049)

73  Rossendale Citizens Advice Bureau (SAN0060)

74  Rt Hon Frank Field MP and Rt Revd Tim Thornton, Co-Chairs, All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the United Kingdom (SAN0113)

75  Salford Financial Inclusion Practitioner's Group (SAN0104)

76  Scotlandtherapy (SAN0019)

77  Scottish Federation of Housing Associations and the Housing Support Enabling Unit (SAN0140)

78  Scottish Unemployed Workers' Network (SAN0071)

79  Shaw Trust (SAN0144)

80  Sheffield Citizens Advice and Law Centre (SAN0126)

81  Simon Moriarty (SAN0034)

82  Single Homeless Project (SAN0112)

83  Single Parent Action Network (SAN0090)

84  Sonya Whitfield (SAN0077)

85  Southway Housing Trust (SAN0059)

86  St Mungo's Broadway (SAN0097)

87  Stephen White (SAN0067)

88  Steve Gwilliam (SAN0004)

89  Tamara Eileen Galloway (SAN0076)

90  The Fawcett Society (SAN0124)

91  The Highland Council (SAN0107)

92  The Riverside Group Ltd (SAN0044)

93  The Salvation Army (SAN0082)

94  The Trussell Trust (SAN0127)

95  Theresa Curtis (SAN0027)

96  Tony Brauer (SAN0036)

97  Trevor Stanski (SAN0117)

98  V Protheroe (SAN0138)

99  Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions, Support and Behaviour Change Project (SAN0054)

100  YMCA England (SAN0066)

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