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Volume No. 606Part No. 125

House of Commons Debates 3 March 2016

westminster hall

backbench business

offshore oil and gas industry

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Volume No. 606Part No. 125

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Column: 359WH

Westminster Hall [3 Mar 2016]

[Mr Charles Walker] [3 Mar 2016]

Backbench Business [3 Mar 2016]

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry [3 Mar 2016]

1.30 pm

Peter Aldous (Waveney) (Con):

Column: 360WH

Column: 361WH

Column: 363WH

Column: 364WH

Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North) (SNP):

Peter Aldous:

Column: 365WH

Column: 366WH

1.59 pm

Mary Glindon (North Tyneside) (Lab):

Column: 367WH

Column: 368WH

2.11 pm

Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North) (SNP):

Column: 369WH

Column: 370WH

Column: 371WH

Column: 372WH

2.23 pm

Mr Alan Campbell (Tynemouth) (Lab):

Column: 373WH

Column: 374WH

2.34 pm

Column: 375WH

Hannah Bardell (Livingston) (SNP):

Column: 376WH

Column: 377WH

Callum McCaig (Aberdeen South) (SNP):

Hannah Bardell:

Column: 378WH

Column: 379WH

2.49 pm

Stuart Blair Donaldson (West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine) (SNP):

Column: 380WH

Mr Charles Walker (in the Chair):

2.55 pm

Callum McCaig (Aberdeen South) (SNP):

Column: 381WH

[Philip Davies] [3 Mar 2016]

Column: 382WH

Kirsty Blackman:

Callum McCaig:

Column: 383WH

Stuart Blair Donaldson:

Callum McCaig:

George Kerevan (East Lothian) (SNP):

Callum McCaig:

Column: 384WH

Column: 385WH

3.12 pm

Dr Alan Whitehead (Southampton, Test) (Lab):

Column: 386WH

Column: 387WH

George Kerevan:

Dr Whitehead:

Peter Aldous:

Column: 388WH

Dr Whitehead:

3.29 pm

The Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change (Andrea Leadsom):

Callum McCaig:

Andrea Leadsom:

Column: 389WH

Column: 390WH

Column: 391WH

Column: 392WH

Kirsty Blackman:

Andrea Leadsom:

Column: 393WH

3.50 pm

Column: 394WH

Peter Aldous:

3.55 pm