Written evidence submitted by Kevin Powles (ENT 04)

I am writing about the proposed cap on redundancy payments for public sector workers in the Enterprise Bill that will shortly be coming before the House of Commons at its public committee stage. This severely affects me in the current transition the company Magnox is currently going through under Cavendish Fluor with redundancies immanent, I work at Sizewell ‘A’ nuclear site. I may shortly be made redundant with five children to support after working for the company for over 28 years.

I was shocked to discover that the current proposals include redundancy payments made by my employer, Magnox Ltd, in their scope. The Conservative Party's manifesto commitment was to cap payments to "public sector workers"; if employees of Magnox Ltd and other private limited companies in the nuclear estate had known they would be impacted by the proposed cap many thousands may have voted differently in the general election.

Including Magnox Ltd in the scope of the proposal is dangerous and counterproductive. If my employer cannot keep to agreements on, redundancy payments that will be due on decommissioning of various sites it risks losing the essential skills required to complete this vital task. This would put the entire operation at risk and potentially greatly increase costs if extra retention payments have to be made to keep the necessary skills.

Magnox has for many years has already had redundancy caps in place reducing redundancy payments from twenty two months to twelve months salary and pension access rights from the age of fifty to fifty five for new employees. Capping redundancy payments will affect me as an average wage earner when the original intention was to target high level earners ‘fat cats’ at company director levels.

I am writing to you to ask you to raise this important issue at the committee in the House of Commons with a view to securing a commitment that private companies in the nuclear estate involved in decommissioning sites will be excluded from the scope of the proposal or given exemption until are ‘best fit’ redundancy exercise is completed at the end of September 2016. I would be grateful if you could forward any response received.

Thank you for your time.

February 2016


Prepared 10th February 2016