Written evidence submitted by Mat Revitt (ENT 06)

I would like to add comments re exit payments and the £95k cap. I work within nuclear decommissioning and have now been assisting this programme of works for the last 10 years. Whilst the bill does not directly impact on any potential exit payments that I may be entitled to it does have severe impacts on a lot of my fellow colleagues. They could not be considered as fat cats or excessive earners with many of them dedicating 30+ years of service to both the smooth running and now decommissioning within nuclear power. The flexibility that has been shown by many of these people in the transition from operational to decommissioning has enabled cost savings to be baked into the lifetime costs of the project structure. It is a certainty that if the current exit packages were not retained that the options available in the current market (new build, projects in operational private sector power stations or specialist contract roles) where the remuneration is almost double that on offer within our sites would be very attractive. Whilst the entirety of the decommissioning is government funded through the NDA we are managed and run through a target cost contract in the private sector and should not be included within this bill.

Whilst I am not against the capping of excessive exit payments to short term employment and fat cats, I also believe that your aim was not to impact on those who have delivered many years of service at average salaries who are now being impacted.

Please rethink and take these things into consideration.

February 2016


Prepared 10th February 2016