Written evidence submitted by Oliver Homewood (ENT 07)

RE: Enterprise Bill – Exit Payments Cap For Public Sector Workers

My name is Oliver Homewood, and I work for one of the Magnox Fleet at Dungeness A Power Station as a Site Engineer / Team leader. As you may know, we are currently in the stages of decommissioning and are also in the middle of a restructuring process. To this end, we are working on degradated plant and apparatus in aid of Nuclear Decommissioning. These are challenging tasks and require skills and knowledge from existing personnel on site.

The proposal to bring in the Cap On Exit Payments to £95k on the face of it is very good, it would stop people coming into the Public Sector for a small amount of time on a very high salary and then leaving or being severed for whatever the reason with a very large sum of monies. These are the things of tabloids that brand them, "Fat Cats" and we have all seen these from the BBC and from other organisations in the national newspapers.

To This end what I couldn’t believe is that these people that are the, "Fat Cats" are exempted from the very bill that was made for them! I cannot be the first or the only one to see this? It does state that these are "Expected" to do some sort of cap to fall in line, however I think the word "Expected" does not hold any weight for these people.

The real people it is aimed at sadly, is not the "Fat Cats", but the likes of myself and my fellow colleagues here at Magnox, the NHS and all of the other companies that are tied to this bill. These are the hardworking people that are undertaking long hours, hard work, work in challenging and sometimes dangerous areas that are on very modest wages. These are the workers that have put many years of dedicated service into an industry that is technical and specialised in the Nuclear Industry, keeping the "Lights On" across the country with safe generation for over four decades.

My point here is this, the Exit Payment Cap will not only affect the severance payment, but more importantly, it will affect the Pension Make-up. This is more the part that is the bone of contention. I believe that the cap system, if it is brought to pass, will reduce the amount of money into the pension causing a pension deficit that could be catastrophic.

Just as a personal view into my circumstances, my pension could be as little as £12-14k per year, this could then be further reduced to a poverty stricken level due to the cap. As you can probably imagine, I am not a Fat Cat, I am a normal person being persecuted by this bill.

I implore you to either remove this clause to the bill, or in the very least have Magnox Ltd exempted from the list.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

February 2016


Prepared 10th February 2016