Education and Adoption Bill

Written evidence submitted by Stockport Education Partnership Board (EAB 35)

Education and Adoption Bill 2015-16

Written Evidence in Response to the Education and Adoption Bill from Stockport Education Partnership Board

1. As one of the lowest funded Local Education Authorities (LAs) in the country we raise concerns that the bill has little regard to the impact of the difference in funding from one LA to another. We believe this needs serious consideration to demonstrate equity of opportunity for all young people. The amount of funding per pupil is considerably less in Stockport compared to other LAs nationally but all LAs are to be judged by the same measures. Stockport prides itself on its success in delivering high quality education and this was recently highlighted in the regional HMI report but this was within the context of a very low funding per pupil. The consistent high achievement in Stockport should not inform future funding allocation. Please describe how the challenges the bill sets out for the school system will be deemed equitable when funding is inequitable.

2. School leaders have reported their concern that the measures to judge Coasting Schools are limited and do not have enough regard to the broader aspects of education and learning. They are concerned that such a focus could lead to a narrowing of the educational offer.

3. Schools have developed consultation with stakeholders particularly parents/carers to make children’s learning and their schools better. Forced academisation without parental consultation raises a concern for colleagues. Parents are always being told it is their voice, their right to choose the best for their child. Why not in this instance?

4. There have been many recent changes to the assessment system and these are not yet embedded. The data on coasting schools could be inaccurate and this could lead to a loss in faith in the system how will this be addressed?

July 2015

Prepared 15th July 2015