Written evidence submitted by Ian Playfoot (ENT 12)

Exit payment cap

I have worked at Dungeness Site for 38 years in varying roles, 22 years on the fuelling and de-fuelling of the reactors and more recently after leaving Shift, I have been the Site Engineer(SE) for the demolition of our Turbine Hall and one of the SE’s for the start of the decommissioning of our fuel ponds. The Exit payment cap I believe was initially thought up to tackle the problem of ‘Fatcat’ payments, this I thought would be those people on hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, being paid off, only to get another highly paid job weeks/months later doing a similar high paid job? I and many people in the public sector are not Fatcats, but our terms and conditions have been based on the fact that we are doing a job which eventually means we are to be made redundant. This bill needs to target those people that are taking advantage of the system and not use the scatter gun approach for the average worker. Also, the Enterprise Bill re-inserts Magnox into the public sector in terms of employee terms and conditions but retains a private sector SLC and effectively a hybrid arrangement; a decision that was taken without reference to Parliament or yourselves. Magnox needs to be removed from the list and its situation reviewed.

February 2016


Prepared 11th February 2016