Enterprise Bill

Written evidence submitted by Steven Ellis (ENT 19)

I am writing about the proposed cap on redundancy payments for public sector workers in the Enterprise Bill that will shortly come before the House of Commons.

I was shocked to discover that the current proposals include redundancy payments made by my employer, Magnox Ltd, in their scope. The Conservative Party's manifesto commitment was to cap payments to "public sector workers"; if employees of Magnox Ltd and other private limited companies in the nuclear estate had known they would be impacted by the proposed cap many thousands would have voted differently in the general election

Many Pension Schemes such as the Magnox Group as part of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme provide for an unreduced pension on redundancy over minimum pension age. Your Government consultation document on the redundancy cap makes it clear that past protected accrued pension rights are not affected by the proposals. For this to be the case payments to pension schemes on redundancy should not be effected by the cap. Changes to employee’s terms and conditions including redundancy payments should be negotiated by the private company and employees representatives not by the Government because they have far more knowledge of the industry.

Personally I am very concerned because I have worked in the Nuclear Industry for some considerable time on the basis that I would be entitled to these terms of redundancy and to have these taken away as I near the end of my working career could mean I will have to seek further employment at an age when it will be difficult to gain full time employment.

I feel that private companies in the nuclear estate involved in decommissioning sites should be excluded from the scope of the proposal.

Thank you for your time.

February 2016


Prepared 11th February 2016