Enterprise Bill

Further written evidence submitted by Tim Oxley (ENT 22)

Enterprise Bill Additional Information

In light of my recent submission of information regarding the exclusion of Magnox within the proposed Enterprise Bill, it has now come to light that Magnox have indeed applied for an extension to this arrangement until 30th September 2016 whereby the majority of people will have been made redundant apparently through the current programme.

This is in fact a misnomer as the original intention for the majority of staff based at the Bradwell reactor site would have been released between the period of March 2015 to December 2015. Due to the continuing changing strategies of the management company and the inadequacies of the processing plant, the programme has now been extended to 2020. This means that those Magnox staff members based at Bradwell will be severely prejudiced against, however the remaining sites have all been given the opportunity to accept the current severance terms such that the company can be seen to be downsizing whilst Bradwell has been excluded.

This is an issue that I will be pursuing with my Union official.

Can I reiterate my frustration and request that you consider removing the Magnox estate in its entirety from the Enterprise Bill.

February 2016


Prepared 11th February 2016