Written Evidence submitted by Mike A Stevenson (ENT 32)

Honourable Members

I strongly object to the inclusion of my employer, Magnox Ltd, in the bodies in scope for the proposed cap on public sector exit payments.

Magnox current Exit arrangements Scheme was initiated as "Lifetime Partnership" the objective being to ensure the Company could retain "Suitably Qualified and Experienced" staff (Words specifically used in the Nuclear Site Licence)  throughout the defined lifetime and closure of the Magnox fleet of first generation nuclear power stations.

There were many in the organisation at the time the lifetime strategy was defined (c 1999) who would potentially have left as they saw a limited "career". Potentially it would be easier to find new employment aged ~35 than at (say) 50.

The fact that the "Lifetime Partnership" was made, gave security to any who chose to stay and help the subsequent Site licence company remain compliant with its Site Licences.

The Magnox business is currently undergoing a major restructuring process and seeking a significant reduction in employee numbers with the current staff feeling they have honoured their side of the "Lifetime Partnership". Including Magnox in this Bill effectively means the company cannot honour their side.

Magnox is a stand-alone well managed company, which has among other things its own Pension Scheme which is well funded

My redundancy terms, like all the terms and condition of my employment, are a matter for me and my employer and should not be unilaterally changed by Government.

Government is not involved in the day-to-day running of Magnox Ltd and has no evidence that including this organisation in the scope of its proposal will provide value-for-money for taxpayers.

I urge you to revise the scope of the proposals to exclude Magnox Ltd.

February 2016


Prepared 18th February 2016