Written evidence submitted by Stuart Lancaster-Rose (ENT 35)

Dear members of the House of Commons Public Bill Committee,

My name is Stuart Lancaster-Rose and I work for Magnox Ltd at Dungeness A Power Station and I am one of approx. 1200 Magnox workers that are going to be greatly affected by the Enterprise Bill and the detriment that it will have on our pensions with the £95,000 cap on exit payments. Under the proposals of this bill we could lose thousands of pounds of retirement income.

I would like to point out that this bill would be directly contrary to the intentions of parliament in previous pension protection legislation under the energy privatisation legislation 2005.

Magnox Limited and its employees are managed by a site licence company and therefore not directly government employees.

When Magnox Power Stations were approaching the end of their working lives a Lifetime Partnership Agreement (LPA) was put in place and agreed by employees, our unions and the management. This LPA was designed to retain highly skilled workers in the nuclear sector. Employees were promised that their contractual employment and pension arrangements would be safeguarded.

This bill would contravene the collective agreements and the individual contracts of employment of the Magnox workforce.

It is important to remember these workers spent a great deal of their lives cleaning up the UKs toxic waste in a safety critical industry. The incentives and skills required to do this job deterred them from finding new employment in other nuclear industries, for example EDF Energy, where their skills would be highly prized. It is simply wrong therefore, to renege on the agreements at the near conclusion of decommissioning and treat these loyal workers in this shoddy and inappropriate manner.

I would like to urge you all to remove Magnox and the remaining NDA estate from the provisions of the Enterprise Bill.

February 2016


Prepared 18th February 2016