Written evidence submitted by Fred George (ENT 44)




I am an employee of Magnox Ltd , a company that will be affected by the Government’s Enterprise Bill due to the Exit Payment Clause contained within. I have worked at Bradwell Reactor Site since 1984 following 10 years’ service in the armed forces. Initially on operations and then in the maintenance department as a maintenance craftsman, following a lengthy educational training and development program I progressed into the Engineering department where I had the opportunity to further develop and progress to my current position as an engineering section head supporting the safe decommissioning of the Bradwell Site.

I request you fight against the exit payment cap (95k) part of the Enterprise Bill, contrary to belief this will have a major impact on myself and the majority of the hard working personnel within the company that I currently work for. Although I am one of the few who is leaving before the bill is enacted, (being made redundant next month at the age of 58, so not much chance of another job at this age), it’s the fact that we, the workers have stayed on to ensure safe delivery of the de-fuelling and decommissioning the Magnox Nuclear sites. The changes that are being proposed will have an impact on my colleagues accrued pension rights and could even possibly effect my pension in the future, a pension that has been built up over time, one of the reasons why myself and my colleagues remained loyal to the company delivering power generation and now decommissioning.

A stated, I am being severed after 32 years of service and the pension that I have accrued to date makes this early retirement manageable, however, with the changes that are being proposed and the effect it will have on my colleagues pensions, which, at present are protected under the energy act 2005. Our pension scheme has been in place for many decades and has a system that rewards people for their long service, the majority of personnel are on modest wages and what has kept their loyalty and commitment to see the job done is the knowledge that they will receive a reasonable pension, (which is fully funded) on termination of their employment.

I do find it galling that the commitment that the workforce has given to stay on to ensure safe delivery of the work required to decommission the Magnox sites is being undermined by the inclusion of Magnox into the melting pot that is the enterprise bill – redundancy cap. Please reconsider and remove the Magnox estate (NDA) from the office of statistics database and hence from the enterprise bill.

February 2016


Prepared 18th February 2016