Written evidence submitted by Dave Dodman (ENT 46)

Dear Sir/Madam, I am an employee of Magnox, a company that will be affected by the Government’s Enterprise Bill due to the Exit Payment Clause contained within. We safely run and decommission the Magnox fleet of Nuclear power stations across the UK, a very specialist and dedicated company with a history of long-serving employees.

This is my heartfelt plea to ask you to fight against the Enterprise Bill, or at least that part that contains the Exit payment cap of £95k. I can assure you it DOES affect the little man who has worked hard all his life in one industry on modest wages. Please take the time to read this letter as the Bill states clearly that it will affect ‘pension make up’ and this statement has a catastrophic effect on many people like me.

I have worked at Dungeness for nearly 30 years and been a loyal employee. Working for the Central Electricity Generating board, Nuclear Electric, BNFL, Magnox electric (South) and finally Magnox. 

During this period, we as a workforce have been extremely flexible, this is due to the unions and management  ‘working in partnership’ and striving to achieve our company’s business goals.  Over the years we have adopted flexible working arrangements, which has resulted in savings to the company and our shareholders.   I was always under the impression that we were  classed as ‘working for the private sector’ and was shocked to note that we were actually working for the ‘public sector’.  No one has ever informed me of this!                  

I real feel that Magnox should be removed from the public sector cap before the Enterprise bill is passed.    

Please, please fight and challenge this, or battle to get Magnox and similar companies removed from the Bill.

February 2016


Prepared 18th February 2016