Written evidence submitted by Kevin Smith (ENT 63)

Dear Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen.

I like many others that have submitted comments have been an employee of MAGNOX LTD for some 26 years based at Bradwell site in Essex.

As most I have been a member of the Electricity supply Pension scheme (ESPS) for the length of my employment at Bradwell, There are many concerns for myself and others over the Governments proposed Enterprise Bill and how it will affect us in the future.

The industry that we work in is highly specialised with a dedicated workforce, from my early days in the industry I believe we have been paid a far wage for the level of responsibility that we hold and we have paid into our Pension scheme on the belief for all these years that we would receive a fair level of pension when we leave, how the government have got the cheek to call use "FAT CATS" is unbelievable and I believe not true.

Magnox as you are fully aware is now in its decommissioning stage and has a massive clear up program ahead of it which you need a dedicated work force to achieve this, how does the government think it is going to maintain that when they are ripping the hart out of its work force, with the time lines in place to decommission the Magnox sites a lot of staff will not be able to make their pension age before they have to leave and will be massively affected by the bill.

Are the government just looking at this as a quick way of making a load of cash and not looking at it over the long term, there is talk that the bill will affect people on a salary of around £25,000 how they can be called "FAT CATS" is beyond me, surly if the government destroys our early pension and severance rights it will only come back to bit them in the future in the form of people not having enough money to survive and having to claim some sort of benefit.

Therefore Like all that have made many comments I believe this an ill thought out Bill and the long term consequences have not been properly considered on how it will affect people’s moral and future.  

February 2016


Prepared 22nd February 2016