Housing and Planning Bill

Written evidence submitted by Emily Moore (HPB 01)

Please find below my submission for consideration in relation to the Housing Bill. My particular interest is the Right to Buy scheme and how it will benefit me.

I am a 37 year old single working Mum living in a Housing Association property in Alderley Edge, both my children are at schools within a 5 minute walk of my home. I know I am very lucky to live in a housing association property and to have the security of a reliable tenancy without the uncertainty of a landlord wishing to sell the property.

I work hard, I am studying for a degree with the Open University and in a few years when I finish my degree my income should rise allowing me to be in a position to save a deposit for a home and pay off a mortgage. I want to own my own home so that when I retire I do not have to worry about how I will pay my rent, or depend on the government for benefits to help with my housing costs. When I die I would like my children to benefit from a lump sum allowing them in turn to buy their own homes. I have lived in rented accommodation all my adult life, mainly with private landlords and have moved too many times to count. I want the long term security of owning my own home and the peace of mind that this will bring.

However the area I live in and where my children are at school is particularly expensive to buy property in. I do not foresee I would be able to afford a mortgage for a suitable house for my family in this area.

However if I was able to purchase the home I live in now, with the help of the discount in the right to buy scheme, I would have this security; my children would have the security of living in a home I own.

I have also invested in my home, I’ve spent hours decorating, painting, and sanding floors. Work I have done myself, I cannot afford to pay someone to do this, and we feel very settled where we are.

When I retire I will hopefully have contributed enough into my pension to live comfortably knowing that my hard work, studying while working full time and bringing up two children on my own has contributed to me being able to buy a home and be totally self-sufficient. The Right to Buy scheme would give me this opportunity. Will give me the opportunity to leave something to my children, and also give me the security to know that when I am old and unable to earn an income, my housing costs will be already paid off.

The opportunity to buy my home would make an enormous difference to me and my children.

November 2015

Prepared 10th November 2015