Housing and Planning Bill

Written evidence submitted by Michael Pollard (HPB 02)

I would like to make a submission to the committee on this Bill. My comments are made as an individual. I do not represent or have a financial interest in any housing or Construction Company, organisation or lobbying group. I am not a local councillor.

I believe that current planning policy regarding redevelopment of brownfield sites is having an overall detrimental impact on towns and their residents across the country.

In many towns, including my own, planning consent is invariably approved for either multiple dwellings or considerably larger dwellings on brownfield sites, regardless of all objections lodged.

These developments have reduced the amount of open space, especially green space, in the towns, impacting adversely on all residents, but especially on neighbouring properties, with regard to loss of light, views and quality living space. As this open and/or green space is lost, I believe the towns become less attractive and more "built-up", with new dwellings erected in every available space, no matter how small.

I can see why the development of brownfield sites is considered ahead of building on the green belt or countryside, but surely there must be some consideration for the overall appearance of a town and quality of life for its existing and future residents? I believe the national planning policy needs to reflect and support those aims.

I believe that it is far more sensible to utilise space on the outskirts of towns, eg, on under-used fields, or to build new "market garden" towns.

November 2015

Prepared 10th November 2015