Housing and Planning Bill

Written evidence submitted by Ruth and Bryan Haines (HPB 05)

Housing and Planning Bill

Starter Homes and Self/Custom Build

We refer to your document dated 3 November 2015. We do not have Word and therefore ask if you can accept our evidence in thus format please.

With regard to Chapter 2 of Part 1 we would provide evidence as follows.

The Bills requirement that local authorities grant "sufficient suitable development permission" of serviced plots of land to meet the demand based on this register is not consistent with the core principles and policy of the National Planning Policy Framework 55.

NPPF 55 core pol icy and principle states;

" To promote sustainable development in rural areas housing should be located where it will enhance or maintain the vitality of rural communities. For example where there are groups of smaller settlements , development in one village may support services in a village nearby. Local planning authorities should avoid new isolated homes in the countryside unless there are special circumstances.

This is a positive core principle and policy yet many planning officers are applying this in a negative form.

Planning Practice Guide- Rural Housing endorses the core principle and policy of NPPF 55 positively ;

" blanket policies restricting housing development in some settlements and preveting other settlements from expanding should be avoided etc ".

An Appeal 2191142 states in paragraph 17;

"paragraph 55 precludes new isolated houses in the countryside (with some specific exceptions ) but allows housing where it will enhance or maintain the vitality of rural communities . Therefore Paragraph 55 countenances new housing outside settlements on sites which are not isolated".

The NPPF 55 core principle and policy needs to be endorsed in the Bill or planning authorities will prevent its application in rural areas and then only within defined settlement boundaries. The Bill should contain words that endorse the NPPF 55 core principles, the PPG Rural Housing principle and the principle in Appeal 2191142. There are numerous individual plots of land which are already owned by persons living in rual areas and want to self build to remain in their rural community and which plots adjacent to existing development outside settlement boundaries but within small settlements are already serviced.

We can provide examples if this will assist and no doubt if the Committee were to publicise this matter further numerous examples of demand would come forward.

November 2015

Prepared 10th November 2015