Housing and Planning Bill

Written evidence submitted by Rosemary C Rylands (HPB 101)

Dear Committee,

I write to request your consideration of the following:

1. I am a housing association tenant, living in the Esk Valley where I grew up, in the North York Moors National Park. I am now in my fifties. The introduction of the right to buy will allow me at last to be able to own my own home in what is an otherwise unaffordable area for me.

2. I grew up here when housing was cheap and never suspected the heights to which prices would soar. Also, for other reasons, I have not been in a position until now to think of buying my own home. But suffice it to say, if I am to continue paying rent into my old age, I will simply become a burden on the state because any savings I have will be mopped up by rent when I am no longer able to work as I can now.

3. If I can buy this house I will be in a much better position in my old age and able to remain in the place I love, that is my birthright because I was born here, the place I work and where I have a profound relationship with the landscape.

4. If you place a rural exemption for people like me, I will forever be trapped in a rental situation and the only other option available will be to move out of area to more affordable housing prices. That would mean complete displacement for me and much higher driving costs to get to work. Therefore I wouldn't move and would be forced to remain a rental tenant. And isn't the whole point that local people can remain in their area and be able to afford to own their own house there?

5. Please do not place a rural exemption. If the purchase has covenants attached such as in cases of resale it must go to a local person, etc, I have no objection to such rules (though I wouldn't want to sell). But it would bring into reach affordable housing for many such as myself who will never, otherwise, get the chance to own their own home.

I write the above for your consideration.

December 2015

Prepared 3rd December 2015