Immigration Bill Committee

Written evidence submitted by the British Red Cross (IB 19)

Follow-up from our evidence session

Non-asylum affected by changes to Section 4 (1) (Sarah Champion Q)

We don’t have relevant data for non-asylum cases affected, and can’t see any from the Home Office.

Further information on destitution in the asylum system

So far this year we have supported 7,215 destitute people in the system – and around 3,000 of their dependents – which is already more than in 2014.

This includes 1,039 people from Eritrea, 900 from Sudan, 631 from Iran and 463 from Syria. Around 1 in ten have actually received refugee status.

Forthcoming research from the British Red Cross, which looked at a small cohort of those who used our services, shows:

· Two-thirds of the asylum applicants who took part in Red Cross research experienced repeated hunger through lack of food. A quarter experienced it every day.

· Over 60% had no fixed abode – in our experience that instability can risk serious exploitation, including sexual exploitation we have encountered in our work.

· Over half reported worsening health

October 2015

Prepared 27th October 2015