Immigration Bill Committee

Written evidence submitted by Frances Macfarlane (IB 49)

1. Illegal Working: The proposed bill will drive illegal workers even more ‘under the radar’ and will increase exploitation and the number of people in a condition of modern day slavery. It will also make genuine employers undertake aspects of the effective policing of employee status which will only add to their administrative burden and risk making them unwitting criminals if they fall short of what is expected.

2. Landlords & Tenants: This policy will encourage discrimination against groups of people who have a right to live here and who may have the misfortune to, for example, not have a current UK passport, or other papers which would prove their right to reside here. This has been shown by research done by The Economist' & the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants when a pilot scheme was conducted in the West Midlands.

3. Asylum Support: This Bill removes asylum support from asylum seekers whose claims have been rejected. Unfortunately many of these families may be unable to leave the country for good reasons, such as lack of documentation due to fleeing at very short notice, not being accepted as citizens of their former country etc. These proposals will leaves families & children homeless and with no means of support. Lt is completely unacceptable & inhumane that legislation acts in a way that makes families with young children destitute.

This Bill could seriously undermine community cohesion, particularly if it makes more difficult for ethnic minorities to find housing and/ or employment and if it increases ‘stop and search’ of these groups.

November 2015

Prepared 18th November 2015