Investigatory Powers Bill

Written evidence submitted by David Sawford (IPB 03)

Summary: As a citizen I am opposed to the data retention scheme outlined in the Investigatory Powers Bill. As the owner of a server currently located in the UK, I will feel compelled to move it abroad if this bill passes in its current form.

1. I am writing to express my concern with the Investigatory Powers Bill, which received its second reading yesterday. I feel it is overly broad and draconian, and will force service providers to waste billions of pounds when it is implemented.

2. I am firmly of the belief that surveillance should only be used on those suspected of a crime. This bill puts everyone under surveillance by logging their private communications. Some people say "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about". I would counter that if I have nothing to hide then there is no reason for me to be be monitored. The billions the ISPs will spend implementing this system would be better spent improving the infrastructure of our telecommunications network, improving broadband speeds and connecting more people with high speed internet.

3. There are many other aspects of this bill which are disturbing, particularly the extra powers given to the secret services, the lack of transparency coupled with the lack of oversight and safeguards that these extra powers will not be abused.

4. I also believe that this bill will have a chilling effect on British businesses, making them less attractive to potential customers. I have server located in the UK, which I use to host web sites and other services. If this bill passes, I will relocate it abroad, to a country which does not have such a totalitarian approach to its citizens. I cannot believe that I am the only person who feels this way.

March 2016


Prepared 24th March 2016