Trade Union Bill

Written evidence submitted by Tony Wilson, Managing Director, Abellio London & Surrey (TUB 30)

As I recall, the committee asked me to respond on two points yesterday as below:

· How many people who normally use our buses would have been inconvenienced by the two strikes in January and February?

o The best answer I can give is based on the fact that, on a typical weekday, we carry about 475,000 passengers.  All would potentially have faced disruption due to the reduced services we operated but this would have been very much more pronounced on those from Beddington and Twickenham depots where we had very low staff turn-out and some routes with no buses running at all.

· What were the details of the vote in the December 2014 ballot over sector-wide collective bargaining?

o 245 ballot papers returned

o 216 ‘Yes’ (88%)

o ‘Yes’ vote represented 21% of Unite members (1,031) and 12% of the total affected workforce (1,770) at the time

I trust this is sufficient.

October 2015

Prepared 20th October 2015