Trade Union Bill

Written evidence submitted by CollegesWales/ColegauCymru (TUB 34)

I am writing on behalf of CollegesWales/ColegauCymru to submit evidence on the Trade Union Bill.

CollegesWales is the representative body for Wales' 14 further education (FE) colleges and institutions. It is the organisation through which colleges as employers negotiate collectively with the unions on pay and conditions. Ultimately, however, it is college governing bodies that decide the terms and conditions of their employees.

CollegesWales is a full participant in Wales' successful social partnership arrangements, steered by the tripartite Workforce Partnership Council and involving employers, unions and government. CollegesWales acts as secretary for the employer side on education matters. We have strong partnership arrangements with our own Joint Trades Unions.

These arrangements, including the arrangements for ‘check off’, currently work well. We see no need for new primary legislation to amend the legal basis of trade union activity in Wales. Many of the measures in the Trades Unions Bill affecting the education sector are not reflective of this constructive approach. Alongside other public service employers in Wales, we do not see the need for them. There is a risk that if the Bill becomes law we may see a deterioration in employment relations, not an improvement.

We would therefore ask that the provisions of the Bill, as they currently stand, are amended so that they do not apply to Wales.

Mark Dacey
Lead Trade Union Negotiator

October 2015

Prepared 20th October 2015