Trade Union Bill

Written evidence submitted by Cllr Dee Martin, Labour Member for Northolt West End (TUB 45)

I am writing to lodge my objections to many of the proposed changes to trade union rights which are contained within the trade union bill.

I believe that our trade unions play a fundamental role in British democracy and are an essential element in ensuring that our society continues to be a fair, open and equitable one. But they can only perform this role if they are able to operate within a sensible and balanced framework. In order to ensure that trade unions can continue to operate effectively I believe that we need to protect the following trade union rights and practices:

1. The right of trade union representatives to time off for trade union activites, so that representatives can participate in negotiations with employers and support individual members.

2. The ability to deduct trade union subscriptions through payroll 3. The right to use a wide variety of communication channels in order to communicate with often geographically separated membership groups 4. The right to undertake a range of actions in support of their members rights, and in the interests of fair treatment for all.

I would therefore urge you to retain these rights.

The trade union movement has a proud record of defending the rights of women and of minority groups within the workplace: I do not believe that I would have the rights that I enjoy today without them. I, like many millions of people in the UK, have chosen to be a member of a trade union, and I actively support them acting on my behalf.

I hope that you will listen to the voices of so many of the people of the UK and refrain from damaging the ability of the trade unions to continue to help to defend our democracy, by making these necessary amendments to the Bill.

Prepared 28th October 2015