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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry page of the Committee’s website. HOL numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Aegis Trust (HOL0100)

2Alice Bean (HOL0088)

3Alice Bouilliez (HOL0002)

4All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism (HOL0052)

5Andy Hay (HOL0009)

6Andy Lawrence (HOL0105)

7Anna Cardy (HOL0079)

8Annemiek Gringold (HOL0037)

9Asociatia Tikvah (HOL0044)

10Associate Professor Richard Harris (HOL0078)

11Association of School and College Leaders (HOL0090)

12Birmingham City University Teach First (HOL0048)

13Captain (retd.) Nicholas Beesly (HOL0006)

14Center for Humanistic Education at The Ghetto Fighters House Museum (HOL0026)

15Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis (HOL0103)

16Childrens Support Services South (HOL0050)

17Chris Jezewski (HOL0055)

18Community Security Trust (HOL0082)

19Department for Education (HOL0053)

20Dr Barbara Hibbert (HOL0040)

21Dr Gillian Carr (HOL0106)

22Dr Marc Van Berkel (HOL0042)

23Dr William Shulman (HOL0034)

24Erinnern.at National Socialism and The Holocaust: Memory and Present (HOL0033)

25Facing History and Ourselves Ltd (HOL0084)

26Football for Hope, Peace and Unity (HOL0096)

27Genocide 80Twenty (HOL0011)

28Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol (HOL0059)

29Holocaust Education Trust Ireland (HOL0051)

30Holocaust Educational Trust (HOL0083)

31Holocaust Educational Trust (HOL0107)

32Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HOL0101)

33Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association (HOL0043)

34Imperial War Museums (HOL0019)

35Jennifer Ciardelli (HOL0068)

36Jewish Leadership Council (HOL0076)

37King Edward VI Grammar School (HOL0031)

38Laura Webb (HOL0049)

39Leicestershire Secondary SCITT (HOL0041)

40Marc Pettifor (HOL0070)

41Megan Painter (HOL0027)

42Miss Caroline West (HOL0015)

43Miss Ella Pooley (HOL0008)

44Miss Emma-Louise Howell (HOL0010)

45Miss Imogen Dalziel (HOL0023)

46Miss Ismahan Tahlil (HOL0014)

47Miss Jessica Kempner (HOL0022)

48Miss Liberty Rowe (HOL0016)

49Miss Nicole McNab (HOL0005)

50Miss Rebecca Drew (HOL0092)

51Miss Sarah O’Hanlon (HOL0007)

52Mr Alexander Moore (HOL0004)

53Mr Andy Lawrence (HOL0003)

54Mr Ben Fuller (HOL0077)

55Mr Lewis Wright (HOL0097)

56Mr Simon Butler (HOL0058)

57Mr Yiftach Meiri (HOL0038)

58Mrs Abigail Minton (HOL0025)

59Mrs Claire Harrington (HOL0073)

60Mrs Julie Haunstetter (HOL0066)

61Mrs Laura Walton (HOL0018)

62Ms Helen Bromley (HOL0075)

63Musealia (HOL0054)

64NASUWT (HOL0102)

65National Holocaust Centre and Museum (HOL0093)

66National Union of Students (HOL0087)

67National Union of Teachers (HOL0024)

68Oakwood High School (HOL0061)

69Patricia Cross (HOL0012)

70Professor Debórah Dwork (HOL0047)

71Professor Michael Rosen (HOL0001)

72Professor Robert Jan van Pelt (HOL0060)

73Professor Terry Haydn (HOL0056)

74Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (HOL0021)

75Royal Wootton Bassett Academy (HOL0098)

76Rt Hon Sir Eric Pickles MP (HOL0104)

77Rt Hon Sir Simon Hughes (HOL0074)

78Sandhurst School (HOL0080)

79Sheffield Hallam University (HOL0085)

80Stephen Feinberg (HOL0036)

81Board of Deputies of British Jews (HOL0091)

82The Friary School (HOL0020)

83The Jewish Foundation for The Righteous (HOL0063)

84The Thomas Hardye School (HOL0028)

85Tolu Mohammed (HOL0035)

86UCL Centre for Holocaust Education (HOL0089)

87UCL Institute of Education (HOL0072)

88UNESCO (HOL0039)

89Union of Jewish Students of the UK & Ireland (HOL0086)

90United Nations (HOL0095)

91United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (HOL0030)

92University of Birmingham (HOL0045)

93University of the West of Scotland (HOL0081)

94University of York (HOL0064)

95Watford Grammar School for Girls (HOL0099)

96Yad Vashem (HOL0013)

97Yad Vashem - European Department (HOL0046)

98Yad Vashem - UK Foundation (HOL0062)

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Prepared 21 January 2016