Our priorities for Parliament 2015-20 Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee’s inquiry web page at www.parliament.uk/ecc. ECP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ABB (ECP0247)

2Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce (ECP0102)

3AECB (ECP0148)

4Alderney Renewable Energy (ECP0106)

5Aldersgate Group (ECP0117)

6Alice Kavounas (ECP0120)

7Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) (ECP0086)

8Association for the Conservation of Energy (ECP0066)

9Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (ADEPT) (ECP0072)

10Barn Energy Limited (ECP0043)

11Barn Energy, Yorkshire Hydropower, Northern Hydropower (ECP0116)

12Baxi (ECP0023)

13Beama Ltd (ECP0008)

14Bellenden, on Behalf of IREGG (ECP0190)

15BGL Group (ECP0230)

16Biofuelwatch (ECP0147)

17Brian Catt (ECP0185)

18British Ceramic Confederation (ECP0146)

19British Gas (ECP0096)

20British Glass (ECP0144)

21Building Energy Consultancy (ECP0079)

22BuroHappold Engineering (ECP0207)

23Calor Gas (ECP0054)

24Camborne Capital Energy Storage (ECP0189)

25Canterbury Club (ECP0084)

26Carbon Action Network (ECP0160)

27Carbon Capture and Storage Association (ECP0149)

28Carbon Tracker Initiative (ECP0217)

29CBI (ECP0219)

30Centre For Sustainable Energy (ECP0016)

31Centrica plc (ECP0114)

32Ceres Power (ECP0180)

33Chartered Institution Of Building Services Engineers (ECP0111)

34Chemical Industries Association (ECP0169)

35Christian Aid (ECP0035)

36Citizens Advice (ECP0089)

37Citizens Advice (ECP0201)

38Civil Engineering Contractors Association (ECP0034)

39CIWEM (ECP0031)

40Clean Air In London (ECP0127)

41Clientearth (ECP0134)

42Confederation Of UK Coal Producers (CoalPro) (ECP0261)

43Core Cities Low Carbon Portfolio Group (ECP0266)

44Cornwall Energy (ECP0249)

45Dearman (ECP0200)

46Dilys Cluer (ECP0236)

47Dong Energy UK (ECP0191)

48Dr Christian Unger (ECP0203)

49Dr David Lowry (ECP0159)

50Dr John Broderick (ECP0153)

51Dr Olaf Schroth (ECP0206)

52Dr Rebecca Martin (ECP0073)

53Dr Tim Thornton (ECP0077)

54Dr Adrian Friday (ECP0237)

55Drax Group plc (ECP0194)

56E.ON (ECP0193)

57E3G (ECP0220)

58East Kent Against Fracking (EKAF) (ECP0186)

59Eddie Thornton (ECP0055)

60EDF Energy (ECP0184)

61Edward Wakefield (ECP0090)

62EEF, The Manufacturers’ Organisation (ECP0051)

63Electricity Storage Network (ECP0175)

64Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd (ECP0107)

65End Fuel Poverty Coalition (ECP0210)

66Endurance Wind Power (ECP0221)

67Energy Intensive Users Group (ECP0082)

68Energy Networks Association (ECP0253)

69Energy Saving Trust (ECP0238)

70Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) (ECP0032)

71Energy UK (ECP0161)

72EnerNOC (ECP0226)

73Environmental Services Association (ECP0115)

74EUA (ECP0062)

75EWT (ECP0259)

76Farm Power Hydro (ECP0021)

77Frack Free North Yorkshire (ECP0248)

78Frack Free Ryedale (ECP0129)

79Frack Free South Yorkshire (ECP0126)

80Frackfree Lincs (ECP0242)

81Friends Of The Earth (ECP0020)

82GASCON (ECP0128)

83Ge Hitachi Nuclear Energy (ECP0166)

84Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) (ECP0252)

85Good Energy (ECP0038)

86Grantham Institute - Climate Change And The Environment (ECP0202)

87Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics (ECP0222)

88Green Alliance (ECP0049)

89Green Energy (UK) plc (ECP0140)

90Green Future NI Ltd (ECP0061)

91Green Highland Renewables Ltd (ECP0048)

92Greenpeace UK (ECP0138)

93Gregory Hewitt (ECP0232)

94Hampshire County Council (ECP0053)

95Helen Cuppleditch (ECP0097)

96IGEM (ECP0113)

97Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (ECP0174)

98Institution of Civil Engineers (ECP0141)

99Institution of Mechanical Engineers (ECP0046)

100InterGen (ECP0070)

101John Hobson (ECP0085)

102John Muir Trust (ECP0056)

103Keep East Lancashire Frack Free. (ECP0214)

104Keep Kirdford And Wisborough Green (Kkwg) (ECP0235)

105Kepler Energy Ltd (ECP0050)

106Kirton in Lindsey Frack Free (ECP0135)

107Lancaster Environment Centre (ECP0172)

108Local Government Association (ECP0059)

109London Borough of Islington (ECP0052)

110London Councils (ECP0080)

111Love Ryedale (ECP0244)

112Low Carbon (ECP0254)

113Low Carbon Gas Ltd (ECP0004)

114Mark Group (ECP0018)

115Mineral Products Association (ECP0150)

116Miss Sandy Rutherford (ECP0167)

117Miss Suzanne Green (ECP0151)

118Mitsubishi Electric UK (ECP0069)

119Moshe Kinn (ECP0005)

120Mr & Mrs Robert and Rosalind Field (ECP0123)

121Mr Brian Appleby (ECP0241)

122Mr Charles Metcalfe (ECP0130)

123Mr Charles Montlake (ECP0132)

124Mr Christopher Broome (ECP0168)

125Mr David Waller (ECP0058)

126Mr Giles Gooding (ECP0112)

127Mr Jeremy Scarr (ECP0076)

128Mr John D Anderson (ECP0044)

129Mr John Freake (ECP0012)

130Mr John Gay (ECP0014)

131Mr Keith Dennison (ECP0224)

132Mr Neil Bye (ECP0083)

133Mr Patrick Boyle (ECP0022)

134Mr Riccardo Shirres (ECP0137)

135Mr Richard Phillips (ECP0093)

136Mr Simon Wilkinson (ECP0094)

137Mr Steve White (ECP0216)

138Mr Tim Hanford (ECP0164)

139Mr David Bowen (ECP0011)

140Mr David Cragg-James (ECP0074)

141Mrs Alison Shutt (ECP0121)

142Mrs Annette Hudspeth (ECP0088)

143Mrs Clare Degenhardt (ECP0154)

144Mrs Helen Hart (ECP0122)

145Mrs Joanne Bartlett (ECP0234)

146Mrs Rosemary Chubb (ECP0124)

147Ms Gabrielle Naptali (ECP0239)

148Ms Gabrielle Naptali (ECP0240)

149Ms Monica Gripaios (ECP0213)

150Ms Pat Beaton BA (ECP0092)

151Ms Susan Hedley (ECP0119)

152National Energy Action (ECP0263)

153National Grid (ECP0187)

154National Housing Federation (ECP0211)

155National Nuclear Laboratory (ECP0165)

156National Physical Laboratory Centre For Carbon Measurement (ECP0195)

157New Nuclear Watch Europe (ECP0039)

158NFU Scotland (ECP0157)

159NGO Nuclear Forum (ECP0262)

160NIBE Energy Systems Ltd (ECP0024)

161No Fibs (ECP0078)

162Nuclear Industry Association (ECP0142)

163Nur Energie (ECP0245)

164Octopus Investments (ECP0199)

165Oikos (ECP0246)

166Oil & Gas UK (ECP0179)

167Oil Firing Technical Association (ECP0108)

168Ombudsman Services (ECP0037)

169OVO Energy (ECP0198)

170Oxfam (ECP0181)

171Policy Exchange (ECP0139)

172Policy Studies Institute (ECP0231)

173Professor Ian Miles (ECP0233)

174Professor Jon Gibbins (ECP0136)

175Professor Mary Foster (ECP0060)

176Professor Michael Kelly (ECP0015)

177Professor Roger Kemp (ECP0033)

178Professor Susan Bright (ECP0105)

179Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (ECP0155)

180RenewableUK (ECP0143)

181Residential Landlords Association Ltd (ECP0095)

182ResPublica (ECP0223)

183Royal Geographical Society (With Ibg) (ECP0255)

184Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (ECP0158)

185Ruby Paul (ECP0192)

186RWE (ECP0087)

187Schneider Electric UK Ltd (ECP0063)

188ScottishPower (ECP0264)

189Seajacks UK Ltd (ECP0081)

190Sgn (ECP0251)

191ShareAction (ECP0099)

192Sharron Harris (ECP0125)

193Shell International Ltd (ECP0178)

194Smart Energy GB (ECP0064)

195SmartestEnergy Limited (ECP0019)

196SSE (ECP0162)

197Stag Energy Development Co. Ltd (ECP0006)

198Stop Hinkley (ECP0177)

199Susan Gough (ECP0208)

200Sustainability First (ECP0176)

201Sustainable Energy Association (ECP0028)

202Swanbarton Limited (ECP0204)

203Tata Steel UK (ECP0173)

204Tees Valley Unlimited (ECP0250)

205Tempus Energy Supply (ECP0182)

206The Association for Decentralised Energy (ECP0188)

207The Bristol Port Company (ECP0109)

208The Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (ECP0027)

209The Environmental Industries Commission (ECP0265)

210The Geological Society (ECP0170)

211The IChemE Energy Centre (ECP0163)

212The Institution Of Technology And Engineering (ECP0091)

213The Private Housing Officers’ Group (ECP0042)

214The Royal Academy Of Engineering (ECP0256)

215The Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House (ECP0110)

216Timmins CCS Ltd (ECP0010)

217Transition Town Brixton (ECP0215)

218UK Energy Research Centre (ECP0100)

219UK Green Building Council (ECP0205)

220UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (ECP0218)

221UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum (ECP0045)

222UK Petroleum Industry Association (ECP0013)

223UK Power Reserve Limited (ECP0104)

224UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (ECP0002)

225Unicef UK (ECP0118)

226UNISON (ECP0036)

227United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) (ECP0067)

228University of Birmingham (ECP0041)

229University of Exeter Energy Policy Group (ECP0196)

230University of Sheffield (ECP0156)

231Usable Buildings Trust (ECP0209)

232Vattenfall (ECP0257)

233Viessmann Ltd (ECP0212)

234VPI Immingham (ECP0017)

235Westmill Solar Co-Operative Ltd (ECP0258)

236Which? (ECP0145)

237Woodland Trust (ECP0065)

238WWF-UK (ECP0183)

239Yorkshire Hydropower Limited (ECP0025)

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Prepared 16 December 2015