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7Taking action forward

85.This report has identified areas for action in both the short and longer term if air quality is to be improved to the benefit of health and the environment. The key agents for delivering this action include:

The table below summarises our key recommendations with timescales for government action:




Chapter 2: Strategy for improving air quality

1. Report actions planned to join up Government air quality action in 2016–17. (para 9)

Cabinet Office

Rise of House for summer recess–21 July 2016

2. Publish comprehensive strategy for improving air quality. (para 14)


31 December 2016

3. Annual report to Parliament on progress against air quality strategy. (para 14)


Annually (by 31 December)

4. Develop practical tools for policy-makers to evaluate costs and benefits of air quality proposals. Publish the reasoning behind these tools. (para 18)


As soon as possible after relevant Natural Capital Committee outcomes are published

Chapter 3: Defra’s nitrogen dioxide plans

5. Consult on and publish revised proposals for Clean Air Zones addressing concerns in this report including flexibility for council implementation and extension of charging powers to other cities. (para 35)


21 July 2016

6. Publish proposals to make it easier for local authorities to use traffic movement and development controls. (para 35)


21 July 2106

7. Recompense councils for costs of implementing Clean Air Zones, preserve sustainable transport funding. (para 40)



Chapter 4: Vehicle emissions testing

8. Negotiate tougher EU vehicle emissions limits. (para 46)

Department for Transport, Defra

Ongoing ahead of future EU revisions

9. Publish an analysis of Euro 6 emissions standards’ impact on UK air quality. (para 49)


31 December 2016

10. Publish an analysis of EU real-world driving emissions tests on UK air quality. (para 49)


31 December 2018

11. Assess rigour of consumer protection system over vehicle manufacturers’ emissions claims and act on outcomes of EU and Volkswagen reviews. (para 53)

UK Government (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Department for Transport, Defra)

Ongoing and in response to EU review findings expected early 2017 and Volkswagen internal review expected spring 2016

Chapter 5: New road transport technologies

12. Undertake study of potential for a diesel scrappage scheme. (para 60)

HM Treasury

Study completed by 30 September 2016, measures to be included in next Budget.

13. Commission assessment of policy or research gaps in particulate emissions from vehicle brake and tyre wear. (para 64)

Department for Transport, Defra

21 July 2016

Chapter 6: Tackling air pollution from agriculture

14. Survey with National Farmers’ Union approaches to minimise farm air pollution, report to Committee on use of the information to improve best practice. (para 78)


31 December 2016

15. Publish plans for better use of CAP funds for air quality improvement. (para 80)


September 2016

16. Roll out programme to support best practice in farm methane emission reduction


31 December 2016

86.We expect Defra’s forthcoming Clean Air Zone legislation and wider policies to reflect this report’s recommendations so as to best improve air quality to the benefit of the nation’s health and environment.

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