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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

AQU numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Air Quality Group (AQU0043)

2British Heart Foundation (AQU0007)

3British Vehicle Rental And Leasing Association (AQU0026)

4Building Engineering Services Association (AQU0022)

5Calor Gas (AQU0060)

6Calor Gas Ltd (AQU0008)

7Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry (AQU0004)

8Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry (AQU0006)

9Campaign for Better Transport (AQU0044)

10City of London Corporation (AQU0032)

11CIWEM (AQU0016)

12Clean Air in London (AQU0030)

13CPL Industries (AQU0024)

14Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (AQU0010)

15Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (AQU0062)

16Dr Richard Lofthouse (AQU0002)

17Environmental Industries Commission (AQU0051)

18Environmental Protection UK (AQU0038)

19Freight Transport Association (AQU0017)

20Friends of the Earth (AQU0050)

21Gatwick Airport Ltd (AQU0013)

22Gatwick Airport Ltd (AQU0055)

23Greater London Authority (AQU0045)

24Green Alliance (AQU0021)

25Heathrow Airport (AQU0048)

26Institute of Air Quality Management (AQU0014)

27Jim Harkins (AQU0054)

28Joint Nature Conservation Committee (AQU0012)

29King’s College London (AQU0028)

30Local Government Association (AQU0027)

31Local Government Association (AQU0061)

32London Councils (AQU0033)

33London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies (AQU0029)

34Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (AQU0056)

35Mineral Products Association (AQU0015)

36Mr Howard Wynne (AQU0036)

37Mr Ralph Hardwick (AQU0031)

38Mr Simon Francis (AQU0040)

39National Farmers’ Union (AQU0057)

40National Farmers’ Union (AQU0049)

41National Physical Laboratory (AQU0023)

42Nottingham City Council (AQU0053)

43Plantlife (AQU0042)

44Professor Mark Sutton (AQU0019)

45Professor Paul Wilkinson (AQU0034)

46Renewable Energy Association (AQU0035)

47Roland Gilmore (AQU0052)

48Royal College of Physicians (AQU0009)

49Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) (AQU0058)

50Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) (AQU0018)

51Sustainable Aviation (AQU0011)

52UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (AQU0025)

53UKLPG (AQU0041)

54Ulster Farmers’ Union (AQU0047)

55Volkswagen Group UK Ltd (AQU0046)

56Volkswagen Group UK Ltd (AQU0059)

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