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Annex: The Minister's detailed analysis of budget uplift to the 2015-16 Budget

Budget sub-head Current budget Additional budget Total
Personnel costs 5,502,551.301,562,522.60 7,065,073.90
Missions 233,362.3361,333.67 294,696.00
Running expenditure 1,934,520.564,907,091.48 6,841,612.04
Capital expenditure 435,698.00 1,238,100.20 1,673,798.2
Representation 9,600.001,800.00 11,400.00
Projects and training 1,493,597.70526,853.30 2,020,451.00
Contingencies 190,670.11186,090.75 376,760.86
Total 9,800,000 8,600,000 18,400,000

"Personnel costs (EUR 1,562,522.60): The budget foresees an uplift in Mission staff of 33, from 94 to 127. Eleven of the new staff will be seconded from Member States, ten will be international contracted staff, and twelve will be locally-engaged. Given that the Agadez satellite office will necessitate increased personnel costs, I judge proposed expenditure to be acceptable.

"Missions (EUR 61,333.67): This refers to visits by Mission staff to states in the Sahel/Sahara region, or to Brussels or EU Member States in connection with the Mission's new migration objectives. Given the need to build close regional and international co-ordination on tackling migration, I believe that this is acceptable.

"Running expenditure (EUR 5,023,299.48): This sub-head includes costs for services such as property rent, security, communications, medical and administration, vehicles and transport (including 24/7 aircraft availability for medical & security evacuation), press/public affairs, and technical support for the Agadez office. Security (EUR 1.9m) and aircraft hire (EUR 1.9m) are the costliest items in this sub-head and reflect the challenging security environment and remoteness of Agadez.

"Capital expenditure (EUR 1,238,100.20): This sub-head covers costs for equipment related to IT & communications, buildings, security and medical support. I believe that the proposed capital expenditure is acceptable.

"Representation (EUR 1,800): This sub-head covers representation costs for meetings with Agadez authorities.

"Projects & training: (EUR 526,853/30): This sub-head covers the costs for five new projects to be delivered in Agadez, as well as costs linked to training activities. The projects and training focus on:

·  "Strengthening local security forces' communications;

·  "Protection and Tactical Intervention training;

·  "Logistical support for local security forces involved in migration control;

·  "Building strategies for controlling movement at airports and land borders;

·  "Awareness training relating to strategies for migration management.

"These projects and training activities represent the delivery end of the Mission's work, and will serve to build a growing partnership with the Agadez authorities on migration issues.

"Contingencies (EUR 186,090.75): The additional contingency reserve represents 2.16% of the increased budget.

"Overall this budget is very close to the indicative figure that was communicated informally to member states in July 2015. Given the scope of the task ahead and the challenging environment that EUCAP will face in Agadez, I judge the proposed expenditure to be commensurate with mission activities as set out in EUCAP's Operational Plan."

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Prepared 14 October 2015