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Current budget 2015-2016 (in €s)

Annex: The Minister's breakdown and comparison of the 2015-16 and proposed 2016-17 budget
Budget heading
Proposed budget 2016-2017 (in €s)
1. Personnel costs 5,669,2237,491,058
2. Missions 258,628227,335
3. Running expenditure 3,211,8703,812,345
4. Capital expenditure 1,518,9122,007,441
5. Representation 15,90011,400
6. Projects 500,0001,349,999
Contingencies 225,467199,640
Total 11,400,000 15,100,000

"Personnel costs (€7,491,058): This sub-head has seen the most significant increase (32%), which reflects the additional staff required for the Mission's work on border security (18 international staff and 10 local staff). It also includes a number of staff to strengthen other areas of Mission activity - notably supporting project implementation and coordination, but also some to bolster the Mission's operations.

"Missions (€227,335): This refers to costs directly related to implementation of the mandate, including transport and accommodation. The majority of travel will be either to Brussels or within Mali, given a stronger emphasis on de-centralised training. The budget also makes provision for travel to Niger to strengthen coordination and general links with EUCAP Sahel Niger.

"Running expenditure (€3,812,345): This sub-head covers a wide range of items and including vehicles, accommodation, freight, communications, office supplies, security and IT. Much of the €600,000 increase is accountable to the increase in personnel, and the additional services required. The Mission is also making significant changes to its IT system and security provision:

a.  "IT & Maintenance: Existing internet and satellite connections require upgrading. Improvements will comply with security requirements, allowing uninterrupted internet connections. In addition, the use of the satellite system will improve IT security;

b.  "Office and Accommodation; Building maintenance has doubled because of the challenging operating environment. Additional air conditioning units has led to increased maintenance costs;

c.  "Security Services and Contract: Expenditure will increase to reflect additional staff and associated needs and a recent security assessment. A further assessment is being undertaken following the 20 November terrorist attack in Bamako;

d.  "Communications: Implementation of a personnel tracking system will augment the current fleet management system.

"Capital expenditure (€2,007,441): This sub-head has also seen a significant increase (32%). As above, much of the increase in this sub-head is as a result of the additional staff being recruited, but also recognition that essential improvements in existing systems and infrastructure are necessary. This covers vehicles, IT equipment and software, communications equipment, building equipment and furniture, building works, security equipment and medical equipment.

a.  "IT Equipment and Software: Significant enhancement is required to support mission operations. This includes new software to improve internal communications and renewal of some licences. Regarding hardware, new desktop and laptop computers, larger servers and an extra UPS will be procured.

"Representation (€11,400): This proposes a flat €950 per month cost for representation.

"Projects (€1,349,999): The increase in this budget reflects the evolution and progress of the work begun last year by EUCAP Sahel Mali. Activities include, amongst other things: establishment of an intranet system for the three security forces; rehabilitation of the Gendarmerie School; rehabilitation of the archive system for the Three Forces; development of a criminal code; extension of National Guard School; publication of a practical guide for border procedures; and small projects.

"Contingencies (€199,640): The additional contingency reserve represents 1.3% of the proposed budget and is a smaller proportion than in the current budget. The contingency reserve shall only be used with prior written approval from the Commission."

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