Implications of the referendum on EU membership for the UK's role in the world Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

EUM numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Brightwake Ltd (EUM0001)

2Britain Stronger in Europe (EUM0035)

3British Standards Institution (EUM0021)

4CBI (EUM0018)

5Centre for European Reform (EUM0023)

6David Campbell-Bannerman MEP (EUM0028)

7Dr Andrew Glencross (EUM0002)

8Dr David Blagden (EUM0013)

9Dr Dermot Hodson (EUM0011)

10Dr Mark Langan (EUM0016)

11Dr Richard Lang (EUM0032)

12Dr Stephen Lee-Kelland (EUM0008)

13Dr Tim Oliver (EUM0019)

14Dr Wyn Rees (EUM0009)

15Dr Gavin Sullivan (EUM0017)

16Falkland Islands Government (EUM0033)

17Foreign & Commonwealth Office (EUM0024)

18Graham Avery (EUM0027)

19Dr Heather Grabbe (EUM0030)

20HM Government of Gibraltar (EUM0029)

21HM Government of Gibraltar (EUM0034)

22Mr Nick Witney (EUM0010)

23Professor Karen E. Smith, Dr Federica Bicchi, Dr Nicola Chelotti, Dr Stephen Woolcock (EUM0014)

24Professor Richard Rose (EUM0012)

25Professor Richard G Whitman(EUM0015)

26Robin Porter (EUM0026)

27Roland Brunner (EUM0003)

28The Crown Dependencies (EUM0031)

29TheCityUK (EUM0022)

30Vote Leave (EUM0036)

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