Childhood obesity-brave and bold action Contents


Terms of Reference


1 Introduction

The scale of inequality

Costs of obesity

Calorie reduction

Sugar consumption and childhood obesity

Public Health England’s sugar reduction evidence review

The role of physical activity

The role of the food environment

Our recommendations for action

2 Promotion of unhealthy food and drink

Price promotions

Price promotions: conclusion

Placement of food and drink within the retail environment

Conclusion—promotion of food within the retail environment

3 Restrictions on advertising to children

Broadcast media

Non-broadcast media

Tightening of other advertising and marketing loopholes

Restrictions on advertising: conclusion

4 Reformulation and portion size

Voluntary or mandatory?

The use of sugar replacements

Reformulation: conclusion

Portion size

5 A tax on full sugar soft drinks

The case for a tax on full sugar soft drinks

The likely impact of a tax on full sugar soft drinks

The impact of a tax across income groups

Revenue raised by a tax

A tax on full sugar soft drinks as part of a wider set of measures

Conclusion: a sugary drinks tax

6 Labelling

7 Education and information

Education and information—conclusion and recommendation

8 Nutrition standards in schools

9 Local authorities and the wider public sector

Local authorities

Healthy food in public sector facilities

10 Early intervention driven by the National Child Measurement Programme


Conclusions and recommendations

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

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