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Appendix 2: Letter from the Secretary of State for International Development, 15 February 2016

From Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for International Development

To Stephen Twigg MP, Chair

Thank you very much for your letter of 2 February on the crisis in Yemen. I welcome the International Development Committee’s attention to one of the world’s most serious humanitarian crises, and I look forward to receiving the Committee’s formal report.

Addressing the crisis in Yemen continues to be a top priority for DFID. We will maintain our focus on supporting the peace talks to end the conflict; increasing commercial imports of food, fuel and medical supplies; improving humanitarian access; and strengthening the international community’s response to the crisis.

In this regard, I am very pleased that the Committee has recognised the important leadership role that DFID has played so far and commended our timely and flexible response.

I have noted your serious concerns about the UK Government’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia and their impact in Yemen. I have asked the Foreign Secretary to reply to you on these points, which I understand he is about to do.

Justine Greening

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29 April 2016