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1.  This is the twenty-first report made to the House of Commons since the establishment of the Public Accounts Commission under the National Audit Act 1983. This report covers the work of the Commission during the calendar year 2015.

2.  The Commission has nine members. Two—the Leader of the House of Commons and the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)—are members ex officio. The others are appointed by the House of Commons.

3.  The membership of the Commission during 2015 was as follows:

Mr Richard Bacon (reappointed 4 November 2015)

Deidre Brock (appointed 4 November 2015)

Rt Hon Nicholas Brown (appointed 4 November 2015)

James Cartlidge (appointed 4 November 2015)

Stella Creasy (discharged 4 November 2015)

Rt Hon Chris Grayling (ex officio as Leader of the House of Commons from May 2015)

Rt Hon William Hague (ex officio as Leader of the House of Commons until March 2015)

Meg Hillier (ex officio as Chair of the PAC from June 2015)

Rt Hon Margaret Hodge (ex officio as Chair of the PAC until March 2015)

Sir Edward Leigh (reappointed 4 November 2015)
Dame Anne McGuire (until March 2015)
Austin Mitchell (until March 2015)
Ian Murray (appointed 4 November 2015)

John Pugh (discharged 4 November 2015)
Mr Andrew Tyrie (reappointed 4 November 2015)

4.  Sir Edward Leigh was Chairman of the Commission during 2015.

5.  Robert Twigger was Secretary of the Commission until 31 August 2015. Helen Wood took over the role from 1 September 2015. The Assistant Secretary throughout 2015 was Ronnie Jefferson.

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