The Government's funding of Kids Company Contents


8.As the government recognises, there are lessons to be learned from its funding of Kids Company. This situation must never occur again. To address these lessons we make the following recommendations:

i)The government should undertake a fundamental review of how it makes direct and non-competitive grants to the voluntary sector. The review should consider how:

ii)The government should develop a register of grants to the voluntary sector so that it can:

iii)The government should improve the way it monitors and evaluates the performance of grant-funded organisations including looking at the balance between self-reporting and external evaluation. It should ensure that organisations have robust and transparent mechanisms in place for measuring their own performance.

iv)The government should not provide or appear to provide funding commitments without referring the funding request to the appropriate funding department so that the requirements of HM Treasury’s manual Managing Public Money2 are met.

v)If the government decides to use special powers to grant funding, it should provide a transparent case for its decision and report regularly on the use of these powers.

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Prepared 11 November 2015