Managing the supply of NHS clinical staff in England Contents

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

All publications from the Committee are available on the publications page of the Committee’s website.

The reference number of the Government’s response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2015–16

First Report

Financial sustainability of police forces in England and Wales

HC 288
(Cm 9170)

Second Report

Disposal of public land for new homes

HC 289
(Cm 9170)

Third Report

Funding for disadvantaged pupils

HC 327
(Cm 9170)

Fourth Report

Fraud and Error Stocktake

HC 394
(Cm 9190)

Fifth Report

Care leavers’ transition to adulthood

HC 411
(Cm 9190)

Sixth Report

HM Revenue & Customs performance 2014–15

HC 393
(Cm 9190)

Seventh Report

Devolving responsibilities to cities in England: Wave 1 City Deals

HC 395
(Cm 9190)

Eighth Report

The Government’s funding of Kids Company

HC 504
(Cm 9190)

Ninth Report

Network Rail’s: 2014–2019 investment programme

HC 473
(Cm 9220)

Tenth Report

Care Act first-phase reforms and local government new burdens

HC 412
(Cm 9220)

Eleventh Report

Strategic financial management of the Ministry of Defence and Military flying training

HC 391
(Cm 9220)

Twelfth Report

Care Quality Commission

HC 501
(Cm 9220)

Thirteenth Report

Overseeing financial sustainability in the further education sector

HC 414
(Cm 9220)

Fourteenth Report

General Practice Extraction Service

HC 503
(Cm 9220)

Fifteenth Report

Economic regulation in the water sector

HC 505
(Cm 9237)

Sixteenth Report

Sale of Eurostar

HC 564
(Cm 9237)

Seventeenth Report

Management of adult diabetes services in the NHS: progress review

HC 563
(Cm 9237)

Eighteenth Report

Automatic enrolment to workplace pensions

HC 581
(Cm 9237)

Nineteenth Report

Universal Credit: progress update

HC 601
(Cm 9237)

Twentieth Report

Cancer Drugs Fund

HC 583
(Cm 9237)

Twenty-first Report

Reform of the rail franchising programme

HC 600
(Cm 9260)

Twenty-second Report

Excess Votes 2014–15

HC 787
(Cm 9260)

Twenty-third Report

Financial sustainability of fire and rescue services

HC 582
(Cm 9260)

Twenty-fourth Report

Services to people with neurological conditions: progress review

HC 502
(Cm 9260)

Twenty-fifth Report

Corporate tax settlements

HC 788
(Cm 9260)

Twenty-sixth Report

The Common Agricultural Policy Delivery Programme

HC 642
(Cm 9260)

Twenty-seventh Report

e-Borders and successor programmes

HC 643

Twenty-eighth Report

Access to General Practice in England

HC 673

Twenty-ninth Report

Making a whistleblowing policy work: progress update

HC 602

Thirtieth Report

Sustainability and financial performance of acute hospital trusts

HC 709

Thirty-first Report

Delivering major projects in government

HC 710

Thirty-second Report

Follow-up on transforming contract management

HC 711

Thirty-third Report

Contracted out health and disability assessments

HC 727

Thirty-fourth Report

Tackling tax fraud

HC 674

Thirty-fifth Report

Department for International Development: responding to crises

HC 728

Thirty-sixth Report

Use of consultants and temporary staff

HC 726

Thirty-seventh Report

Financial management of the European Union budget in 2014

HC 730

Thirty-eighth Report

Extending the Right to Buy to housing association tenants

HC 880

Thirty-ninth Report

Accountability for taxpayers’ money

HC 732

First Special Report

Unauthorised disclosure of draft Report in the previous Parliament

HC 539

Second Special Report

Network Rail’s 2014–2019 investment programme: Office of Rail and Road Response to the Committee’s Ninth Report of Session 2015–16

HC 905

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