The big data dilemma Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee’s inquiry web page at BIG numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Academy of Medical Sciences (BIG0079)

2Alzheimer’s Research UK (BIG0063)

3ANS Group (BIG0042)

4Association of Medical Research Charities (BIG0030)

5Barclays Bank Plc (BIG0062)

6BBA (BIG0078)

7BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (BIG0038)

8Big Brother Watch (BIG0006)

9British Academy (BIG0064)

10British Heart Foundation (BIG0023)

11British Library (BIG0051)

12British Pharmacological Society (BIG0009)

13British Standards Institution (BIG0076)

14British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BIG0049)

15British Veterinary Association (BIG0056)

16CompanyNet (BIG0007)

17Consumer Data Research Centre, UCL (BIG0013)

18Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and the Department for Culture Media & Sport (BIG0069)

19Department for Culture Media & Sport (BIG0089)

20Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (BIG0002)

21Digital Catapult (BIG0080)

22Digital Science (BIG0048)

23Direct Marketing Association (BIG0014)

24Dr Kevin Macnish (BIG0003)

25E-infrastructure Leadership Council (BIG0040)

26EMC (BIG0046)

27Ernst & Young (BIG0055)

28ESRC Big Data Network, Phase 2 (BIG0021)

29Experian (BIG0022)

30Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research (BIG0074)

31Food Ethics Council (BIG0019)

32Food Standards Agency (BIG0037)

33Fujitsu Services Ltd (BIG0045)

34Funding Circle (BIG0081)

35GARNet (BIG0020)

36GBG (BIG0077)

37Genetic Alliance UK (BIG0034)

38Greater London Authority (GLA) (BIG0067)

39ICAEW (BIG0001)

40IET and the Royal Academy of Engineering (BIG0065)

41Information Commissioner’s Office (BIG0033)

42Innovate UK (BIG0026)

43Insurance Law Research Group, University of Southampton (BIG0052)

44Institute of Cancer Research, London (BIG0071)

45Internet Advertising Bureau UK (BIG0054)

46Involve (BIG0010)

47Jen Persson (BIG0085)

48Jisc (BIG0027)

49John Innes Centre (BIG0061)

50Lloyd’s Register Foundation (BIG0068)

51medConfidential (BIG0088)

52Mediatrac (BIG0005)

53Medical Schools Council (BIG0036)

54Microsoft UK (BIG0060)

55Mydex CIC (BIG0032)

56National Oceanography Centre (BIG0012)

57National Physical Laboratory (BIG0041)

58Nesta (BIG0047)

59Nuffield Council on Bioethics (BIG0015)

60Open Data Assurance by B Longo (BIG0004)

61Open Data Institute (BIG0084)

62Open University (BIG0070)

63PHG Foundation (BIG0073)

64Professor Lorna Woods (BIG0082)

65Pure Storage (BIG0050)

66Research Councils UK (RCUK) (BIG0057) (Leaderboarded Ltd) (BIG0090)

68Royal College of Physicians (BIG0029)

69Royal Society (BIG0035)

70Royal Statistical Society (BIG0044)

71SAP (BIG0059)

72Science and Engineering South Consortium (BIG0075)

73Smart Energy GB (BIG0024)

74South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (BIG0018)

75Susan Hall (BIG0017)

76Swanbarton Ltd (BIG0028)

77techUK (BIG0039, BIG0086)

78UK Computing Research Committee (UKCRC) (BIG0011)

79UK Data Archive (BIG0008)

80University of Cambridge Big Data Strategic Research Initiative (BIG0016)

81University of Edinburgh (BIG0043)

82University of Essex (BIG0053)

83Wellcome Trust (BIG0058)

84Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (BIG0066)

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Prepared 11 February 2016