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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry page of the Committee’s website. RTL numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Alliance of British Drivers (RTL0062)

2Brake (RTL0011)

3Bricycles (RTL0051)

4Bristol Road Justice Group (RTL0028)

5British Parking Association (RTL0014)

6Campaign to Protect Rural England (RTL0064)

7CTC Scotland (RTL0034)

8CTC, the national cycling charity (RTL0041)

9CTC, the national cycling charity (RTL0069)

10Cycling Embassy of Great Britain (RTL0031)

11Cycling Scotland (RTL0035)

12D. Tec International Ltd (RTL0001)

13Department for Transport (RTL0040)

14Dorset Speed (RTL0008)

15Dr Sebastian Funk (RTL0044)

16Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Trade Union Side (RTL0037)

17Drivers’ Union (RTL0002)

18Eric Bridgstock (RTL0017)

19Essex Law Clinic (RTL0032)

20European Transport Safety Council (RTL0072)

21Freight Transport Association (RTL0052)

22George and Giulietta Galli-Atkinson (RTL0070)

23Gerard Mcmanus (RTL0068)

24Greater London Authority (RTL0056)

25Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (RTL0046)

26IAM (RTL0012)

27ITS United Kingdom (RTL0058)

28John Morrison (RTL0061)

29Leeds Cycling Campaign (RTL0050)

30Living Streets (RTL0036)

31Local Government Association (RTL0029)

32Local Government Technical Advisers’ Group (RTL0039)

33London Councils (RTL0054)

34Mary Manning (RTL0045)

35Mr Andy Bebington (RTL0004)

36Mr Chris Ballingall (RTL0042)

37Mr David Finney (RTL0022)

38Mr David Harris (RTL0003)

39Mr Francis Bernstein (RTL0063)

40Mr Graham Smith (RTL0043)

41Mr Michael Rawson (RTL0020)

42Mr Richard Gurney (RTL0016)

43Mr Richard Mann (RTL0007)

44Mr Stephen Plowden (RTL0066)

45Mr Idris Francis (RTL0026)

46National Police Chiefs’ Council (RTL0013)

47NECTAR (RTL0015)

48Newcycling (RTL0009)

49Northgate Public Services (RTL0055)

50NSL Ltd (RTL0053)

51Optical Confederation (RTL0038)

52PACTS—Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (An All-Party Parliamentary Group) (RTL0059)

53QC Martin Porter (RTL0006)

54RAC (RTL0005)

55Richmond Cycling Campaign (RTL0027)

56Road Danger Reduction Forum (RTL0019)

57Road Safety GB (RTL0030)

58RoadMetric Ltd (RTL0021)

59Roadpeace (RTL0025)

60Transport for Greater Manchester (RTL0073)

61Unite the Union (RTL0033)

62Vysionics Its Ltd (RTL0010)

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Prepared 11 March 2016