Transgender Equality Contents


Terms of Reference


1 Introduction


Our inquiry

2 Cross-government strategy

3 Gender Recognition Act 2004

Providing proof

Spousal consent

Age limit

Data protection

Inappropriate requests to produce a Gender Recognition Certificate

Section 22 of the Gender Recognition Act

4 Equality Act 2010

Gender reassignment as a protected characteristic

Exemptions in respect of trans people

Separate-sex and single-sex services

Genuine occupational requirement

Separate-gender sport

5 NHS services

General NHS services

General Practitioners’ attitudes towards trans patients

Education and training of doctors

Professional regulation of doctors

Gender Identity Clinics (adults)

Treatment protocols

Capacity and quality of services

The Tavistock Clinic (children and adolescents)

6 Tackling everyday transphobia

Hate crime

Reporting of hate crime

Hate-crime prosecutions and convictions

Action to deal with hate crime

Hate crime legislation

Recording names and gender identities


National Insurance, tax and benefit records


Prison and Probation Services


Online services


Post-school education

Social care for young people

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex: Terms of reference

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

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Prepared 8 January 2016