Transgender Equality Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the Committee’s inquiry web page. TRA numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Action for Trans Health (TRA0230)

2Action for Trans Health (TRA0246)

3Adrienne Macartney (TRA0046)

4Age UK (TRA0241)

5Albert Kennedy Trust (TRA0239)

6Alexis Vanlee (TRA0247)

7Amy Cohn (TRA0194)

8Ann Farmer (TRA0016)

9Anonymised - (TRA0020)

10Anonymised - (TRA0041)

11Anonymised - (TRA0043)

12Anonymised - (TRA0050)

13Anonymised - (TRA0053)

14Anonymised - (TRA0054)

15Anonymised - (TRA0055)

16Anonymised - (TRA0057)

17Anonymised - (TRA0061)

18Anonymised - (TRA0066)

19Anonymised - (TRA0069)

20Anonymised - (TRA0070)

21Anonymised - (TRA0082)

22Anonymised - (TRA0126)

23Anonymised - (TRA0133)

24Anonymised - (TRA0134)

25Anonymised - (TRA0135)

26Anonymised - (TRA0170)

27Anonymised - (TRA0173)

28Anonymised - (TRA0176)

29Anonymised - (TRA0178)

30Anonymised - (TRA0226)

31Anonymised - (TRA0250)

32Anonymised - (TRA0260)

33Anonymised - (TRA0012)

34Anonymised - (TRA0035)

35Anonymised - (TRA0049)

36Anonymised - (TRA0081)

37Anonymised - (TRA0084)

38Anonymised - (TRA0095)

39Anonymised - (TRA0119)

40Anonymised - (TRA0124)

41Anonymised - (TRA0136)

42Anonymised - (TRA0139)

43Anonymised - (TRA0144)

44Anonymised - (TRA0146)

45Anonymised - (TRA0181)

46Anonymised - (TRA0185)

47Anonymised - (TRA0188)

48Anonymised - (TRA0201)

49Anonymised - (TRA0222)

50Anonymised - (TRA0233)

51Bent Bars Project (TRA0264)

52Brighton & Hove City Council (TRA0211)

53British Association of Gender Identity Specialists (TRA0149)

54Brook (TRA0182)

55Calderdale Council (TRA0111)

56Campaign to End Rape (CER) (TRA0210)

57Cecilia Dubois (TRA0060)

58Cheryl Morgan (TRA0112)

59Christie Elan-Cane (TRA0266)

60Claire McCann (Barrister) (TRA0273)

61Cliniq (TRA0104)

62Department for Culture, Media and Sport (TRA0270)

63Department for Culture, Media and Sport (TRA0259)

64Department for Work and Pensions (TRA0269)

65Department of Health (TRA0274)

66Discrimination Law Association (TRA0165)

67Dr Alex Sharpe (TRA0028)

68Dr Ari Gust (TRA0080)

69Dr Arvin Chaudhary (TRA0004)

70Dr Karl Rutlidge (TRA0143)

71Dr Saoirse Caitlin O’Shea (TRA0013)

72Dr Susan Gilchrist (TRA0189)

73Dr Eleanor Burns (TRA0063)

74Dr Lee Middlehurst (TRA0130)

75Equaliteach C.I.C (TRA0123)

76Equality and Human Rights Commission (TRA0078)

77Equality Challenge Unit (TRA0171)

78Erin Smith (TRA0097)

79Erin Smith (TRA0253)

80Evangelical Alliance (TRA0038)

81Focus: The Identity Trust (TRA0100)

82Forum for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Equality in Post School Education (TRA0172)

83Fred - (TRA0204)

84Galop (TRA0183)

85Gender Identity Research And Education Society (Gires) (TRA0058)

86Genderagenda (TRA0224)

87Gendered Intelligence (TRA0163)

88General Medical Council (TRA0267)

89Government Equalities Office (TRA0245)

90Helen Belcher (TRA0150)

91Home Office (TRA0271)

92IPSO (TRA0248)

93IWW Nottinghamshire GMB (TRA0085)

94Jack Wolfe (TRA0142)

95Jacqueline Mearns (TRA0087)

96Jamie - (TRA0044)

97Jane Fae (TRA0121)

98Janella Bell (TRA0029)

99K Eaton (TRA0106)

100K&L Gates LLP (TRA0096)

101Kate Mariat (TRA0166)

102Kirsty Walker (TRA0025)

103Lancashire LGBT (TRA0122)

104Lesbian Rights Group (TRA0164)

105LGBT Consortium (TRA0083)

106LGBT Youth Scotland (TRA0175)

107LGBT+ Liberal Democrats (TRA0197)

108LGBT+ Society of the University of Strathclyde (TRA0212)

109Lisa Davies (TRA0237)

110Lisa Severn (TRA0129)

111London Friend (TRA0094)

112Mermaids (TRA0156)

113Michael Toze (TRA0001)

114Michael Toze (TRA0261)

115Michelle Knight (TRA0257)

116Ministry of Justice (TRA0272)

117Ministry of Justice (TRA0275)

118Mirella - (TRA0214)

119Miss - Taylor (TRA0137)

120Miss Alexandra Stone (TRA0022)

121Miss Emma LLoyd (TRA0215)

122Miss Jayde Turner (TRA0092)

123Miss Mel Harris (TRA0067)

124Mr Bernard Reed (TRA0059)

125Mr Charlie Attenborough (TRA0068)

126Mr Joe Daniell (TRA0011)

127Mr Michael Steven (TRA0191)

128Mr Peyton Jacob Knight (TRA0128)

129Mr Zac Snape (TRA0089)

130Ms Astrid Walker (TRA0192)

131Ms Barbara Aster (TRA0155)

132Ms Brenda Smith (TRA0115)

133Ms Caroline Paige (TRA0151)

134Ms Eve Wallis (TRA0023)

135Ms Gillian B (TRA0132)

136Ms Julia Gamble (TRA0091)

137Ms Melanie Bartlett (TRA0147)

138Ms Miranda Yardley (TRA0203)

139Ms Mridul Wadhwa (TRA0219)

140Ms Nuala Dowie (TRA0120)

141Ms Sally Rush (TRA0105)

142Ms Sarah Cooper (TRA0037)

143Ms Siobhan Winter-Smith (TRA0003)

144Ms Sophia Crews (TRA0161)

145Ms Stephenie Robinson (TRA0034)

146Ms Suzanna Hopwood (TRA0031)

147Ms Suzanna Hopwood (TRA0033)

148Ms Victoria Mitchell (TRA0232)

149Ms Johanna-Alice Cooke (TRA0102)

150Mx Adam Harper Eaves (TRA0088)

151Mx Daira Hopwood (TRA0234)

152Mx Devin Dunseith (TRA0015)

153Mx Miles Row (TRA0047)

154Nat T. (TRA0238)

155National Aids Trust (NAT) (TRA0206)

156National Lgb&T Partnership (TRA0077)

157National Union of Students (NUS) (TRA0187)

158NHS England (TRA0244)

159Outreach Cumbria (TRA0223)

160Parents Campaigning for Sex Equality for Children and Young People (TRA0228)

161ParliOUT: The Houses Of Parliament’s LGBT Workplace Equality Network (TRA0127)

162Peter Dunne (TRA0251)

163Polly Carmichael and Bernadette Wren NHS Gender Identity Development Service (Tavistock Clinic) (TRA0236)

164Prison Reform Trust (TRA0198)

165Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (TRA0252)

166Professor Sheila Jeffreys (TRA0131)

167Professor Zoë Playdon (TRA0098)

168Radical Feminist Legal Support Network (TRA0052)

169Rape Crisis England and Wales (TRA0195)

170Rhianna Humphrey (TRA0265)

171Rise (TRA0159)

172Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) (TRA0268)

173Ryan Hughes (TRA0255)

174Ryan Hughes (TRA0258)

175Safe T (TRA0090)

176Sarah Brown (TRA0169)

177Scottish Transgender Alliance (TRA0225)

178Scottish Women Against Pornography (TRA0199)

179Steph Farnham (TRA0240)

180Stephanie Davies-Arai (TRA0101)

181Stonewall (TRA0243)

182Stonewall Housing (TRA0227)

183Sue Pascoe (TRA0256)

184Sue Pascoe (TRA0262)

185Support U (TRA0186)

186Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (TRA0276)

187Sussex Police (TRA0174)

188Suzanna Hopwood (TRA0032)

189Terry Reed (TRA0019)

190The Beaumont Society (TRA0099)

191The British Psychological Society (TRA0113)

192The Dawn Skinner Fund (TRA0062)

193The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (TRA0045)

194Tilly Simmonds (TRA0009)

195Trans Media Watch (TRA0162)

196Trans Yorkshire (TRA0235)

197Trans*Formation (TRA0040)

198TUC (TRA0117)

199UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group (TRA0205)

200UK Trans Info (TRA0138)

201UNISON (TRA0116)

202Unison Bournemouth Higher & Further Education Branch (TRA0190)

203University of Leeds Centre for Law and Social Justice and Intersex UK (TRA0167)

204University of Sussex (TRA0093)

205Women & Girls Equality Network (WAGEN) (TRA0207)

206Women Analysing Policy on Women (TRA0086)

207Women’s Aid (TRA0200)

208Women’s Resource Centre (TRA0213)

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Prepared 8 January 2016