Gender Pay Gap Contents


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1 Introduction

What is the gender pay gap?

Women over 40 and our inquiry

Is the gender pay gap disappearing?

2 Understanding the gender pay gap

Causes of the gender pay gap

The part-time pay penalty

Caring responsibilities

Occupation segregation

Is “women’s work” worth less?

Do women choose lower paid jobs?

Direct discrimination

Employment tribunals

3 The link to productivity


Skills shortage

The benefits of diversity

Barriers to change

4 The case for flexibility

Part-time or flexible?

Part-time = Career death

Flexibility for all

The shortage of flexible jobs

The right to request from day 1

Flexible working charter mark

The right to request increased hours

Increasing flexible hiring

Down skilling

Other strategies to increase flexible working



5 Sharing care

How parental leave can reduce the gender pay gap

The cost of time out of the labour market

The current situation

Low take up of SPL

Supporting parents to share care

Non-transferrable paternal leave

Equalising maternity, paternity and SPL payments

Behavioural change

Other options

Other types of caring

Supporting carers



6 Making the most of women’s skills

The difficulties of returning to work

Supporting women back into work

Women returner schemes


Other strategies



7 Tackling low pay in highly feminised sectors

Low pay in highly feminised sectors

Productivity and fiscal benefits

Impact of the national minimum wage


Training opportunities

Care sector

Supporting pay progression


8 Making GPG reporting regulations work

How much impact will reporting have?

Could the regulations have more impact?

Reporting data by age and part-time status

Turning reporting into action

Reducing the threshold from 250

Alternative measures to increase transparency

Equal Pay Audits

Equal Pay Questionnaires


Conclusions and recommendations

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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Prepared 16 March 2016