The local welfare safety net Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry page of the Committee’s website. BFD numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO) (LCW0055)

2BenX (LCW0051)

3Blackpool Council (LCW0015)

4Bolton Council (LCW0007)

5Bromsgrove District Council (LCW0002)

6Calderdale Council (LCW0024)

7Cambridge & District Citizens Advice Bureau (LCW0040)

8Child Poverty Action Group (LCW0050)

9Citizens Advice (LCW0043)

10Citizens Advice (LCW0062)

11Community Furniture Store (York) Ltd (LCW0004)

12Contact A Family (LCW0042)

13Crisis (LCW0052)

14Derbyshire County Council (LCW0010)

15DWP & DCLG (LCW0057)

16Family Action (LCW0013)

17Furniture Re-Use Network (LCW0027)

18Giles Peaker (LCW0037)

19Gipsil (LCW0008)

20Greater Manchester Combined Authority (LCW0038)

21Harrow Law Centre (LCW0046)

22Hastings Furniture Service (LCW0009)

23Homeless Link (LCW0019)

24Lancashire Crn/Global Renewables Lancashire (LCW0041)

25Lincolnshire County Council (LCW0018)

26Liverpool City Council (LCW0047)

27Local Government Association (LCW0039)

28London Borough of Hackney (LCW0030)

29London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LCW0059)

30London Councils (LCW0031)

31Macmillan Cancer Support (LCW0053)

32Mid Devon District Council (LCW0036)

33Milton Keynes Council (LCW0028)

34Money Advice Trust (LCW0058)

35Mr Jed Meers (LCW0025)

36New Policy Institute (LCW0054)

37Peabody (LCW0011)

38Policy In Practice (LCW0026)

39Redditch Borough Council (LCW0003)

40Shelter (LCW0048)

41Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (LCW0061)

42Southampton Local Welfare Provision Working Group (LCW0016)

43St Mungo’s Broadway (LCW0035)

44Stepchange Debt Charity (LCW0044)

45Suffolk County Council (LCW0022)

46Surrey County Council (LCW0001)

47Tameside MBC (LCW0032)

48The Highland Council (LCW0021)

49The Riverside Group (LCW0045)

50Warrington Borough Council (LCW0017)

51Welfare Reform Club (LCW0020)

52West Sussex County Council (LCW0014)

53Z2K (LCW0056)

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Prepared 11 January 2016